Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update: Black Butte Lake - 3/3/12

We hit Black Butte Lake at about 5pm. The water levels were EXTEMELY low. We had to go way out in the middle of the lake to access the water. We had just enough time to rig up our lines and throw them in before the sun set over the hills, leaving us with limited daylight.

I threw in a slip sinker rig for trout using powerbait and another pole with a sinker slider and magic bait for catfish. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a thing. My buddy Dave is a bit more seasoned than I am so he borrowed a paddle boat to head out to the middle of the lake. He floated worms, rooster tails, cast masters and didn’t end up catching anything until he hit the shore and caught the last fish of the night (13 in, catfish) from the bank using chicken livers. 

My buddy Lee is the least experienced of the three so he used two poles with the same rig. He learned this method from a friend of his, he uses a slip sinker and injects a worm with air using a syringe in order to make it float. Good little technique and it caught him a nice 14 inch Largemouth. 

Unfortunately I was the only one that got skunked. BUT, I did end up walking the bank at 2 AM and found a nice 4-foot striper net that some fisherman had probably forgotten. So even though I didn’t catch anyfish, I didn’t go home empty handed!


  1. Don't take the "skunk' seriously, your fish will come! Night fishing sometime can be an exciting time to catch the bigger fish.

  2. Thank you, chaser! I won't. Getting skunked for me, is encouragement to hit the waters harder!