Monday, December 15, 2014

The Sacramento River -- a Blog

I guess I’m in hibernation mode because I haven’t been fishing in weeks! In fact, I just realized it has been an entire month. Very Sad. Lately the rain has been picking up around yolo county and all of northern California. This of course is great news due to the extreme drought we have been having however I am less likely to fish in this weather. 

At this point I am at exactly 294 fish which stinks because that puts me just 6 short of 300 for the year. Pending the weather I have one more fishing trips set up with Mark in a few days and I am in the process of setting up a second trip at some point before the New Year so I will most certainly keep you all posted. 

With that said, I did want to promote a specific blog that I read all the time. The writer/ photographer is named Bill Paxon. His blog is called “The Sacramento river: A blog.” Bill drives along the sacramento River and visits various towns and landmarks throughout Northern California.  He documents his journeys with pictures and usually a brief history of the town or landmark.

As all of you know I was born and raised in Northern California so I grew up around many of these places. I love seeing a place or landmark that I know or grew up driving by, highlighted in a blog. And if I don’t know it, its always interesting to learn about it and if nice/cool enough, plan on visiting. 

Anyway, if you have questions on the Sacramento River, this man has seen it all… literally! He posts often and he’s quick to answer questions so please do pay him a visit whenever you get a chance!
As for fishing, I will be out fishing this Friday with Jeremy rain or shine. We will be trying to get into some catfish so I will let you know how we do.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1st time at Levis Stadium and a Milestone!

This past Sunday I made it out to Levis Stadium for the first time ever and BOY, I was impressed. Not gonna lie, I was pretty sad to see Candlestick's seats being torn out this month but after seeing this impressive palace, I'm no longer sad. I was so excited just to see the stadium and feel the energy and hear the familiar foghorn sounds! And when I walked up to the top of the observation deck and saw the feild and the seats, it was over, I loved it!

The game was a good one. for a second we fell behind but the defense did their job and the offense did just enough to put us over the top. I've been to losses before and that's never good!

I look forward to many years at Levis watching games with my wife and my friends. Perhaps one day my children will love to learn the game as much as their father does as they experience the environment of the stadium and the roar of the crowd.

In addition, here is a milestone for you. 20,000 views! Yes, yess, I am moving my way up. Thanks for reading my posts and browsing my blog folks. I appreciate all of my readers and especially my commenters!

If you don't hear from me before tomorrow, hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! God Bless you all!

Monday, November 24, 2014


I have been plotting on getting a 3 wt ever since,  Mark purchased his 3 wt. Yes, I was that kid that wanted the toys that others had! But with age came better decision making and so instead of ordering one as soon as I saw Marks, I waited for the right time. 

You see, when I saw a 3 wt. and held one for the first time I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I could picture getting into some fat little blue gills, crappies and trout with one of those little guys. I waited for a few months until it was the right time to buy and finally on my birthday, I pounced! 

I have had my eye on a Redington Drift fly reel for a while now. I was so impressed with my first purchase of a Redington CT Classic Trout rod that I decided to trust their company with my 3 wt purchase.  How could you not be impressed with an affordable yet quality product that offers a lifetime warranty on their products?!
Around my birthday Cabela’s had a $20 off your $100 purchase sale. In addition Cabela’s had (currently has) Redington rods on sale for 74.45. The Drift reels were 99.95 which has stayed at that price for the entire time I have watched it so that’s as good as it gets. On top of that I had $22 in Cabela’s Club points that I have saved specifically for a moment like this. And as if this weren’t enough, I got a Cabelas gift card for $50 on my birthday! So with shipping costs, my 3 wt. Redington cost me a little under $100!
A couple of days ago I received my reel and it is SEXY! It is such a nice looking and sounding little reel, I love it. I need to buy backing and line for it but aside from that, I’m set. 

I received my rod a few days earlier and my first thought was that it was very long. It was the shortest 3 wt. redington rod that Cabela’s had available but it is still pretty long, 8’ 6” in length.  I have no small streams around to try that sucker out this winter so I’ll have to wait until spring. I don't have a name for my 3 Wt. yet but I will be thinking of one!

Since I can’t use it until then I picked up another toy. I ended up getting a $25 gift card to Bass Pro Shops for my birthday as well. I decided I was going to buy some sort of light or ultra light combo for trout/ panfish. I looked at their online store and found what I thought would be the one. It was a Pfleuger trion spinning combo. It was going to cost somewhere around $59 so I went looking for it. I was unable to find it but as luck would have it, another combo was staring me right in the face. There was a whole assortment of Gx2 ugly stiks on display. At the moment my favorite bass rod is a medium action gx2 I bought last year on my birthday. I ended up getting a 7’ ultralight Gx2 Ugly Stik  for $50 ($25 + tax with my gift card)  which I will eventually load up with 2 lb line and use to slay the trout soon!  

So that's my surprise, new additions to the family! lol Anyway, that’s it on my side for now. Haven’t been fishing since earlier this month so no fishing reports.

Monday, November 17, 2014

To Catch or Not to Catch?

That is the Question! 

Howard from "Windknots and Tangled Lines" made an interesting statement on my blog the other day that I thought I would dissect a little bit in order to examine my own motives.

The statement was, “numbers and size just really don't mean much. Enjoy the experience.”
 Am I really only after big fish and numbers? I would have to take apart the question a bit and I start with the word, “Only.”
Am I “only” after the big fish? The answer is no. This year most of the fish I have caught have been smaller. In fact I caught a lot of panfish and I’m one of the only guys in my fishing circles that still has a blast with a bobber, worm and good a panfish hole. I’m not only interested in big fish, but with that said, I definitely DO want to catch some big “trophy fish.” And the idea is that I want to excel at catching fish. It’s like getting a promotion at a job or increasing your max at the gym. I want to constantly improve and attempt to master anything that I do. I am a fisherman, I catch fish. 

Am I after numbers? This year, I would have to say the answer is yes. Just being honest. I was out to prove to myself that my research thus far has paid off. Last year I learned a lot and this year I was testing my research. I feel my research paid off. Now am I only after numbers, no. However at the very least I am after one! If I don’t beat the skunk I sometimes feel like I failed. A man once said, “There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” While Salmon fishing I remembered this quote… but then I realized I was on a boat and that made me feel better.

View from above (slip bobber at center of picture, close to top)
To be honest, it’s not always about catching fish but sometimes it is. If I went on 5 fishing trips and didn’t catch one, I would be concerned. Then again, It depends on the trip. Like there is a fishing trip that I forgot to mention a couple of Fridays ago. It was an impromptu Friday night trip to Lake Minden, the lake where my buddy Russell works. It had been a while since I had fished with him so I was looking forward to hanging with him and drinking some beers together with lines in the water. 

Two rods out in the darkness
I had a slip- bobber rig in and a bottom fishing rig in the other. I got nibbles on the slip bobber rig and nothing on the bottom feeding rig. That is until I got a big take down. I set my hook and must have pulled the hook out with the big set but that’s not the point. It would have been nice to catch a fatty catfish but I didn’t see that trip as a failure by any means. I drank beers and ate brats with my good buddy and we caught up on life. Whenever I have a trip like this one, the last thing on my mind is catching fish but catching fish is a nice little bonus! Same goes when I’m fishing with Mark or getting to know a new buddy like Jeremy or if I’m night fishing with the buddies or fishing while camping. 

Thoreau once said, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” I know what I’m after, only sometimes is it big fish.

Total Fish: 0

Friday, November 14, 2014

B-day Fishing

The day before my birthday I decided to make a little fly fishing trip out to “Central” putah creek in Davis. I had originally planned to take a bigger trip out to Western Putah in search of some trophy rainbows but ended up waking up too late.

In the past I haven’t taken pictures of this fishing hole that once graced me with my first largemouth bass on the fly so I decided to snap some on this day.

My first stop was this hole which might look great but is actually only about 1-2 ft deep and teeming with pikeminnows.  I threw a couple of flies but due to the low hanging tree branches and tight casting I decided to move to the next hole.

This next hole is the big producer for me. Here a black wooley bugger gets the job done all summer long. Now I’m not sure if it was because  the water was cold or my inexperience (or a combination of both) but on this specific day the fish were scarce. I didn’t get a single fish to take my offerings. I only saw one bass in the water; I usually see them following my flies, but not on this day. 

My final stop was this third hole. This hole usually produces when others don’t and although I did see a few more fish out here they were not interested in what I threw in their direction. Around this point I started getting hungry so I split. 

Well, it’s always good to practice my fly cast. Big news coming soon but that’s it for now!

Total fish: 0

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Still Chasing Salmon

Chinook Salmon have become my white whale.  And Yet I am getting VERY discouraged because I am like 0-12 with catching them  in the past two years. Any confidence I had for salmon fishing is now gone or close to gone. 

We went out last week with Sean at 6 am. I have been out with him all the rest of the times in the afternoon. We never caught any in the afternoon so I decided to go with him in the morning. 

We launched at around 630 and it was super cold. I really wasn’t prepared for it but I had to tough it out. 
We set up at one spot, cast out our lines, had coffee and waited. We waited, talked and hung out waiting for a bite and nothing.  We noticed an older Russian gentleman bank fishing and he ended up catching 4 large carps by the time we switched to our second spot. I’m glad somebody was having a good day!

We switched to our second spot and set up at the end of a six boat hog line. We were ready. Reports from the other boats were that nobody had caught any salmon that day. We set out our rods one at a time and while Sean released his second rod, his first one dipped! By the time he rushed to the rod, the bite was gone. It was the most excitement I have seen during my entire time Salmon fishing. Yes I know, that’s sad! 

We finished up the day with no fish and another day skunked while fishing for Salmon. Always good to get out on the water though! 

Total fish: 0

Friday, October 31, 2014

What a Difference a Weekend Makes!

I have two trips to talk about and the first one was a week ago. This was before the rains came and it got a bit colder down here in the valley.

Last Friday I set up a trip with Charles and when I got to his house he suddenly realized he “had something to do and would have to meet me out there.” Guess what happened? He didn’t show. I won’t be fishing with him much anymore. 

When I got out to the pond, I put on a Kastmaster and went to work. Nothing out of the ordinary, I had a quick 15 fish day. More or less about a fish every 3 casts. As usual I was hoping for something big but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Most of the fish were smaller but I did get a couple of 1 lbers and one of them was nice and chunky. 

Total Fish: 15 Largemouth Bass

Enter a weekend with a little rain and cold temperatures. By Monday it was warmer again but there was in fact a cold chill in the air. I got together with Jeremy, the guy I met out at the pond when I went fishing with my dad. I was armed with my ugly stick but also decided to bring along Bone Crusher (my 8 wt.) and throw some of the cool flies That I bought from Justin over at Carf Outdoors. I will post about these flies later on in a different post. 

So we started and I quickly noticed a change. Normally it would only take me a few casts and I would have a fish on but it took a while. After a while I drew first blood and then I switched over to bone crusher and tied on a big baitfish pattern. I tossed them out but no strikes. After a while I tied on a black Wooley bugger and got into my first bass on the fly at the pits! 

It was getting darker but a little later I got into my second bass on the fly  and this was the biggest bass I have caught on the fly so far. I bought bonecrusher for larger bass so an 8 wt was a bit overkill for these smaller bass but it was still cool. My buddy Jeremy was pretty impressed with the fact I was a fly fisher but even more impressed with the fact I caught fish on the fly. I told him, “It’s what I do!”

 Even though I managed to catch fish on the fly, we could both tell it was slowing down quite a bit. What used to be a non-stop fish catching party became a slower fishing day but that was okay. We hung out and drank some beers and had a great time fishing. 

Total fish: 7 Largemouth bass