Tuesday, February 3, 2015

530 Fly Fishing!

I have decided to create a Fly fishing facebook page.  It is called 530 Fly Fishing for now. One of my buddies made a “530 Fishing” page that has done very well so I figured, why not give it a try with fly fishing.  I love fly fishing, I’m dedicating this year to it, so now it’s time to solidify the Northern California Fly fishing community. At least the ones on facebook. This way I can also meet fly fishers in my area and what not. 

I already added some of you that are my facebook friends and Blogging buddies onto the page even though most of you are not from the “530 area code.” But no worries, there is method to my madness. I feel like fly fishing community is a smaller sub-section of the entire fishing community and it feels a bit more close-knit. I’m sure you guys are down to meet new fly fisherman and you’re my buddies so why not. Plus I figured that you guys can promote your blogs, sell your flies, and get to know folks. And if you guys one day decide to start a fly fishing page for your area, maybe we can merge them and make one big network of fly fishers and then take over the world!  Okay maybe not the last part… yet! 

Anyway, if you would like to join, here is the facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/824199297646332/

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Outing of 2015!

Don’t worry, Don’t worry…  I haven’t thrown my goal out the window or anything.  But my first fishing outing of the year was a spin fishing one. I just see it as more practical during these cold times when most fish are hanging in the depths. Especially with bass at the pits. 

I purchased my license after work last Wednesday and hit the pits with my buddy Jeremy and his buddy Jeff.  Jeremy and Jeff have been fishing for the same amount of time, about 6 months. They are examples of guys who tried fishing and got hooked! In fact, at only 6 months, Jeremy has already caught a 6-7lber (didn’t have a scale but my buddy Russell confirmed it) so he is definitely a fisherman.

Jeremy and Jeff arrived at the fishing hole early, at around 12 and I met them at 3. I dragged jigs at the bottom indifferent colors and tried drop-shotting worms but no bites. According to Jeremy there were no bites all afternoon which I believed because it’s winter and I generally don’t find many fish during the winter. I even tried kastmasters which slay them during the summer but not during winter. 
At about 445, Jeff is casting off of a small point, into the depths and says,” I think I got one… wait… yeah, I got one!” We both look over and sure enough, we see the familiar jerking of a bass at the end of the line.  We were ecstatic for him, happy to know that catching bass during the fall was possible with patience and a texas rigged worm. We quickly switched both of our rigs to the same. Unfortunately I didn’t end up getting into any bass but Jeremy ended up catching one at about a pound and a half. 

I did get the old winter skunkaroo but nothing that a cigar, some fresh air and a good afternoon with the buddies couldn’t take care of! Next time I will have to bring my fly rod along. 

Total fish: 0

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Fishing Goals

This year will be different. I genuinely mean that. This year will be a learning process. This year will more than likely bring less fish than last but that is okay. This year I will push my own limits in order to improve as a fisherman. 

This year I will not be setting a goal as to the total amount of fish, locations to fish, or amount of types of fish. This year will document what it is like to take an entire year and use it to learn, grow and improve my skill.
I will be dedicating this year to the art fly fishing. 

Top: "Bone Crusher" - 8wt. Middle: "Excalibur" - 6 wt Bottom: "Rudy" - 3 wt.  
Last year I took a couple of fishing outings where I only took my fly rod and this forced me to practice tying on my flies, casting, fly selection, etc. The problem is that I would go weeks without even touching a fly rod, then come back and almost have to teach myself all over again. 

I figured why not take a year to bring along only my fly rod? Why not take a year to get used to the fly rod? Why not learn to improve my casting, to practice my double hauls, And in turn to learn to play and catch more fish on the fly? 

So this is my goal this year. Not to become a purist or switch entirely to fly fishing for the rest of my life, but rather to even out my skill on both types of rod. My goals are as follow:


- Improve Casting Technique.
- Master Double haul casting.
- Catch more fish on the fly rod.
- That is it. 

With this said, I will not ONLY be using the fly rod. Certain trips I will be using regular rods like bass fishing in the winter where they are out in deeper water or trout fishing for planters in a lake. But those will be special trips, most of the year I will only be armed with a trusty fly rod or two. 

With that said, bring it on 2015… bring it on!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"I Got the Hook-up, Holla if You Hear Me!"

 I have a lot of people who have asked if I tie flies since I fly fish but with the quality of flies available out there, I don’t see a point for the time being.  Especially when you have friends who have the hook up!

So first off, let me give a shout out to Justin from Carf Outdoors . Back in October of last year I purchased a bunch of flies from him and I just wanted to show you some pictures of those.
I ended up purchasing:

1 green and white minimum cowbell
1 blue and white minimum cowbell
1 green and white EP baitfish pattern
1 white and red  EP baitfish pattern
2 white damsels
1 red panfish fly which he threw in for free. 

These are some fantastic looking, well tied flies that I plan to use this spring and summer to get into some big bass on my 8 wt. 

Second, Bryan from over at The Rogue Outdoors HOOKED me up with some fantastic Sarge’s crappie Flies which I used to catch crappie last year. I realized I had a good fly on my hand so I asked him for a few more. I wanted to pay for them but God Bless him, Bryan wouldn’t let me. Instead he hooked me up with :
11 Sarges Crappie
2 Crappie Candies
1 clouser
1 zebra midge

Bryan is a class act! Hooking me up with all kinds of flies when all I really wanted were 2-4 Sarges Crappie Flies! 

Last, I entered a new Year giveaway contest over at Howards place and ended up winning a prize! I seem to have luck over at Howard’s blog. This is the second giveaway on his page where I win something! Well anyway, my original prize was a “Fiberglass Manifesto” T-shirt (I had never read TFM before I won a T-shirt of his). Fortunately, There weren’t any t-shirts in my size and I was sent some “swag” instead. I say Luckily because this is what I received:
2 Fly fishing Koozies
4 black TFM Stickers
1 red TFM Sticker

Those are two of the coolest looking koozies I have ever seen! They have flies on them, how cool is that?! 

Well anyway, I just have to say i have some fantastic fly fishing buddies who hook me up with some great stuff and I am glad to have them in my network of Fly Fishing buds! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Fishing Goal Report

The following is a report on my fishing goals last year (2014).

1. Catch 5 Salmon
Another year without Salmon. Unfortunately I was unable to hook into one this year. I am a little discouraged but I know that next salmon season starts in July and gets good in Sept/Oct so that will give me plenty of time to forget this year’s defeat and hit them hard this year.
2. Catch five Steelhead
At the beginning of this year some rivers and creeks were closed down due to the California Drought. . One of them happened to be the American during the steelhead run. I had plans of hitting the American with Mark but ended up not being able to do so. So another year with no steelies.

3. Catch 50 Trout
This is one that I didn’t really focus on because in all honesty… I forgot about it. Haha I did have some unfruitful trips for trout and a couple of decent ones. Maybe this goal will roll over to next year.  

4. Catch a new personal best striper, and then do it again!
I caught a good amount of stripers this year. Unfortunately most of them didn’t have any size to them.
I caught one 22” but that was as big as they got. My current personal best was a 24” striper.

5. Catch a 7 lb largemouth
Not even close. My biggest this year was a 3 lber. No 7 lbers yet!

6. Find 5 new fly fishing spots.
I guess I can say this was partially completed. I found two new fly fishing spots but didn’t intentionally search for new spots as much as I should have. Once again, this will have to roll over into this year.

7. Catch my first fish in the ocean
Didn’t happen.

8. Take a trip somewhere JUST to fish!
Didn’t happen but made progress on it. I have a buddy that moved out to Colorado Springs and I already told him that I will come visit him this year or next year. Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park!  

9. Catch my first Largemouth and Smallmouth bass on the Fly!
Unfortunately it took me to get all the way to #9 before I could report some success. I did in fact manage to catch a few Smallies and a few Largemouths on the fly this year. No size to them but still exciting when I fulfilled these goals.

10. Catch 70 Panfish
Once again, this was something I was able to accomplish early in the year. This year I caught 78 Panfish! Good year for gills, crappie and green suns!