Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Drought Strikes Again!

Last Wednesday I had the day off so I called up Russell and we hit up butte pond. I hadn’t been to butte pond since earlier this year so I was excited to have some success. Well guess what, the drought strikes again! 

Remember "slice?"
The areas we used to fish were probably 1-3 feet deep. While these COULD hold bass, they certainly weren’t biting on our offers. We threw out spin baits, buzz baits, topwater frogs, poppers, popping frogs, crank baits, pretty much everything but nothing was biting! I was beginning to think we were going to get skunked.
With that we had a few beers and hung out in the shade. While exploring I ended up finding this “Slice can.”  I didn’t pay attention to when they stopped making this soda but I know it was a while ago. This is the type of thing you do when you aren’t getting any bites.

view from the tree
A view from the tree
So after a while I armed myself with Bonecrusher (my 8 wt.) and we went for a walk.  We ended up going to a creek area that we had seen before but never fished. I knew it looked fishy and still want to catfish it because it is rushing water.  There was a fallen tree over the the creek so we went to the middle and cast a black wooley bugger in both directions. On the upstream side I got a quick strike but no takers. 

Lm on a san Juan Worm
a little gill action
Later on I got off of the log and cast from bank close to the log. At one point I got a strike. I kept casting but nothing. I then switched to a san juan worm under a bobber. My buddy Russell was saying if we didn’t get one with a WB we wouldn’t get one with anything else and as he was saying it, boom! A small largemouth but also a skunkbeater and a validation fish! I love being right! Lol

A bit later we switched to the old worm and bobber and ended up getting into a few more gills and largemouths. 

last and largest LM of the day
Between both of us it was a seven fish day.  It really stinks that my first time at butte pond this summer was not a good one. I’m sad that another spot of ours bit the dust and we definitely need to pray for heavy rains and snow in the hills!  

Total Fish: 2 Largemouth bass + 1 Bluegill = 3 fish.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Break That Bank!

Ol Pops came into town and we decided to go fishing for a bit in the afternoon. I knew exactly where I was going to take him; the bee hive! The bee hive is a spot I have on Lisbon slough. In the past we have had success with crappies and I caught my personal best catfish there so we gave it a try.
Previously my dad had been skunked here. He has only been to the bee hive twice and both times he went home empty handed.  I only have two times I have been skunked here, both of those times were with my buddy Jarred. That is because Jarred is bad luck!

We arrived at the fishing hole at around 5pm so I had plenty of time to get into a groove. I started with a quick cast with a bobber into the feeder creek for a small bass. Beat the skunk. A few more casts, a couple more fish and then switched to the main canal. Ol pops went straight for the catfish set up and a night crawler. I set up my heavy catfish rod but had no takers on the nightcrawlers. A bit later I was able to get into a small bluegill and replaced my worm with a gill and hoped for the best. My dad did the same. We were hoping for some huge cats but nothing big seemed to be going for the gills. 

After a while I switched to a slip-bobber rig and went to work for some crappies. For whatever reason nothing was biting so I kept changing the depth of my bobber and the distance of my cast. Eventually I found a hole about 7 feet in front of where we were and about 16 inches of leader length. First I caught a nice blue gill which I released. Then I started seeing some activity on top so I tossed my line in and I reeled in a nice 11 inch bass. 

Meanwhile my dad tossed his line into the feeder creek and got into his first bluegill of the day. He continued to cast there and started catching small bass and bluegill, so he finally beat the skunk at the beehive. 

A bit later I tossed my line in, my bobber danced around a little before it went down and I caught my first decent fish of the day, a nice 12.5 inch bass.   

I continued to cast within five feet of the same spot and as it got darker, the bites were more plentiful. At one point I had a light but swift takedown , so I reeled in and I got into a 10 inch catfish, my first catfish of the day. My final fish was just before it got too dark to see my bobber. I tossed my line in, it dunked once and then disappeared. I reeled in and something took off with my line. I reeled in, my dad got the net and it hid under the weeds. My dad dipped the net into the weeds and eventually came out with what would be the last fish of the day, a 14 inch Largemouth bass. I ended up putting the two bass on the stringer and filleted them up for what will be my first (possibly of many) end of the summer fish fry! (More to come on this idea later) 

In all, one of my better days this summer even though it has been a good summer overall. I was also excited that I got into multiple species today, which is always cool. I am glad my dad was able to get into fish and see me catch some decent fish at the bee hive because that makes him believe in the spot a little more than before.  All together my dad and I had a 17 fish day. 


Well that’s it for now. Good luck, break that bank people… break that bank! 

Total fish: 7 Largemouth Bass + 2 Bluegill + 1 catfish + 1 green sunfish total fish = 11

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Almost Forgot....

Here is a trip that I forgot to mention. Last Thursday (the 14th) My buddy Luis and I decided to take a quick fishing trip for some crappie. My buddy Charles hooked me up with 5 minnows that he had left over from one of our previous trips and I had always wanted to try out minnows at The bee hive so we did. 

We went out to the bee hive and I hooked up Luis’ bait before mine (note to self, teach luis how to tie knots). He put his minnow on and within a few minutes he had his first crappie on. He lost another one pretty quickly and threw on his third minnow. I hurried so he would waste all of the minnows. I put one minnow on, and had a huge takedown but wasn’t able to hook the fish. 

We also had some worms so I put some on the hook and ended up pulling in a small crappie. When I’m out here I use a slip bobber rig but this time I only used a regular bobber. Since we got to the fishing hole pretty late, the sun was down fairly quickly and I figured we could try for some big catfish. I set one heavier rod out with a catfish setup but had no success on it at all. Meanwhile, I continued with my bobber on the shallow side of the bank even though it was dark. I saw my bobber go down so I reeled in and to my surprise I had a small catfish on the line. After a while we decided to call it a day. 

Total fish: 1 Catfish + 1 Crappie = 2 fish

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spontaneous Reno Trip

Nothing quite like a spontaneous trip with my wife. We decided last minute to head up to Reno for the weekend just to relax for a bit. I figured I would get in a little bit of fishing time if I could, but it wasn’t a priority. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to bring all of my fly gear along anyway! 

We packed quickly and headed out on 80. I expected a lot of traffic but instead we had none. Apparently everybody had already arrived before us because when we got there, there was a 45 minute wait in a Disney-like line just to get to the check in desk. Our wait was worth it because the front desk worker ended up upgrading us, which he told us but we didn’t pay attention to until we saw this:

Yessir, V.I.P.! They ended up giving us a huge suite on the 28th floor with a living room, a separate bedroom with king size bed, three huge windows with an amazing view of all of Reno, two bathrooms and the best part, a tv in each bathroom! Lol

We hit the casinos but only for a little bit. We explored the downtown area a lot. It is a lot nicer than the last time I came out here which was about 8 years ago. The entire time I had the Truckee on my mind and different fishing videos I have seen of people fly fishing it. I decided to wait until the last day on the drive back to give it a try. 
One thing that we did that you can’t do in California is visit Cabelas! Every time I go out of state I am looking for Cabelas. It really is an outdoorsman’s paradise and going there is an event in itself. Here are a couple of pics I took there. Always a good time and since I was there I picked up a few things. 

Whenever I am in a new area I like finding new BBQ spots. In the Reno/ Sparks area there is BJ's BBQ, which apparently has won a few awards for their ribs. We ended up ordering ribs, hot wings and Kick ass Fries, Kick Ass fries are fries topped with pulled pork and sour cream. They were pretty kick ass, the ribs were pretty good but i have definitely had better. the texture of the sauce on the ribs was pretty thin, but it was a good sauce. The wings were top notch! The sauce tasted similar to the mango habanero wings at BWW but better. I will definitely visit them again next time I am in town.

Finally Friday arrived and I was excited. I couldn’t wait to cross into California and do some fishing. I pulled off of the freeway, found a nice spot with a nice run under a bridge. I pulled out my fishing gear and I realized… I forgot my F*&%!ng fishing license! Pardon my French there but I was super pissed. Oh well, it was my fault for not remembering! 

So no I didn’t get any fishing in, I just thought about it a lot. Maybe next time I am in reno, which should be a few years from now. 

Thanks for reading!