Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bulk Reports on Legendary Pond

In order to catch up I need to do this in bulk! If I don’t do this I will never catch up! I have a trip to Nebraska in there as well, but ill post it up later. We are simply slaying them at the pits. Some days are a little better than others but we never get skunked. 
4/28 – a little bit slower of the day at the pits. I started with the fly and eventually switched over to the spinning rod. I caught one on a black wooley bugger and then the bite stopped. Its seems that the first few casts will get them on the fly and after a while they stop falling for it. Then I have to cast out further to get them, which is why I am always armed with the spinning rod. Anyway, we had a couple of doubles on throughout the day so Jeremy is really loving the spot. As for the dorky pictures with the buff on my face, that was a running joke that we have with some of my buddies about looking like a “pro fisherman” with the buff on. lol

Total Fish: 7 Largemouth Bass

5/05 – While in Nebraska I purchased some cool looking poppers and a white “cloth” worm. I am not sure what ele to call the thing, but it is essentially a cloth worm on an offset bass hook. When I saw it I loved it and thought it might work great for bass. Sure enough, the worm has a fantastic action to it and looks great swimming in the water. Even better than that, it produces fish! 

Total Fish: 10 Largemouth Bass
5/8 – 3 days later I went out again with my buddy Art. He isn’t much of a fisher but he was visiting so I figured I would take him out on the water and hoped to get him into some fish. This trip was only a spin fishing day since it was pretty windy. Did happen to catch a nice one, which looked kind of slim hipped so I figure it was a post spawner. Art did happen to get into a couple of fish so we were both happy. 

Total fish: 5 Largemouth Bass


5/11 – Another super windy day so I only brought along the spinning rod.  Not a lot of big ones but a good amount of fish. 

Total fish: 12 Largemouth Bass

5/12 – The next day was windy but I brought along the fly rod anyway. We fished off of some steep cliffs and sure enough the bass were very active in this untouched area. I walked around and made my way back to the spot with the cattails to use the fly rod. I managed a couple of quick ones on the Golden Oriole again. Caught them on both the Fly and the spinning rod. 

Total Fish: 14 bass. 

In all some great trips out at Legendary pond. Like I said, much better to cover these trips in bulk so I can catch up! Hope you all enjoyed the pics! Another benefit it makes it look impressive when I finish off like this:

Total fish: 48 Largemouth bass

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Nice One for Brian


Jeremy had the day off so we made a quick afternoon trip out to Legendary ponds. My main intention was to revisit a spot that I had found a few days prior and attack it with the fly rod.

Upon arriving I went to work with a black Wooley bugger and caught my first bass of the day on the fly.  I continued and landed another, but then the bite went dead for a while so I switched to the spinning rod.  I caught a couple more. Jeremy fished and on a couple of occasions we had double hook ups which was pretty great. 

At one point I switched back to the fly rod but they were no longer wanting the WB. I looked through my flies and tossed out some streamers with no success. It was then I found a fly that I had yet to try. 

Last winter Bryan Dale tied me a couple Golden Orioles, his personal creation.  As he often did. The guy tied them for me for no charge, even though I offered repeatedly to pay. It is a heavy fly which is kind of difficult to toss out at first. Once I got a hang of it, I tossed it out and BAM! A nice little bass was on my line, thanks Bryan!! To date this is the largest bass I have caught on the fly. I was excited and as I tossed it out a couple more times I got a couple more strikes. Finally while playing what felt like a good sized bass, he won the fight and swam off with my fly in its mouth. 
I had one more but I didn’t want to lose it so I switched back to my spinning rod. I ended up catching a couple more to end the day. Not a bad day at all! 

Total fish: 10 Largemouth Bass

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another day at Legendary Pond

Although my previous trip to Legendary pond was weak, I got together with Charles and Moses and tried the opposite bank of the one we were fishing. This spot has kind of a walk but nonetheless we made the trip and tried out the North bank. 

According to Moses, this was the bank where they had slayed them a day before our last trip here. I put that thought to the test and cast out my spiining rod with a swim bait and after my second cast I had the first bass of the day. 

A bit later Charles got into a fish as did Moses. It was a windy day so I didn’t bother to bring along my fly rod. Even with spinning rods it was difficult to fish on a windy day. The wind just happened to be hitting in a different direction from where we were. Same bank, just a spot that was not accessible. 

Even though the wind stayed consistent, we continued to catch fish. At one point the bite died down and I decided to take a walk to a different side of the pond and ended up finding a bunch of cattails. In a small cove area. I found a cool looking area amongst the cattails where the surface was covered in weeds with the exception of a few spaces. I dipped my rod in one of those spaces and fish on! I knew it would be a good spot! I cast towards the cattails and caught a few fish until the sun went down. I thought to myself that this would be a great spot to try out the fly rod because of its steep drop offs and vegetation so I figured I would bring it along next time. 

All in all Charles ended up pulling out 14 bass, Moses pulled out 12 along with the biggest one and I finished the day in last place but still had a fantastic day. 

Total Fish: 9 Largemouth Bass

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Time at Oroville!

Lake Oroville is a premier fishing lake in Northern California. It is well known for its hard fighting spotted Bass population as well as various pictures of the California drought. 

I got together with Moses and after being stood up by Charles and we made the 2 hr drive out to Lake Oroville. We got onto Moses’ Bass boat and went for a drive. Lake Oroville looks like it has dropped quite a bit but also has areas as deep as 280 feet according to the boats fish/depth finder. And wouldn’t you know it, there appear to be MANY fish chilling down there. 

We started in the middle fork in a shallow looking area that appeared fishy. We threw a bunch of different lures but no takers. We moved along, searching for bass and although they occasionally appeared on the FF, They weren’t biting anything we threw at them. A bit later we moved to a deeper area that was rockier and wouldn’t you know it, moises caught his first spotted bass there on a crankbait. We continued to cast all we had at them but no takers. 
We moved out to the south fork, stopped at a rocky point. At this point I was using a watermelon /pearl rubber worm.  I cast a worm out toward the bank, reeled in a little until it fell off of what appeared to be a fairly steep drop off. That’s when I got my first ferocious bite from what I imagined would be a big one, but ended up being a small spotted bass, my first spotted bass. In my opinion spots fight pretty hard, I was impressed. 

Moses ended up catching a couple more  spots and I landed one more. After that we had lunch on the boat and scouted more areas to fish. Only problem was that after lunch, the bite turned off! 

Even though we continued to fish, we didn’t have a single bite for the rest of the afternoon. 

We alter talked to people that told us most of the fish there hold in up to 50 feet of water. We mostly fished between 10 and 18 feet. We learned a little bit by fishing this lake and didn’t get skunked so hopefully later on this year we can swing back out there and slay the big spots for which the lake is known. 

Total Fish = 2 Spotted bass.

3 Trips!

 Unfortunately I have not been keeping up with my blogging but on the bright side, that’s because spring is here and fishing is getting great! I have quite a few trips and a good amount of fish to tell you all about.  I’ll be discussing 3 separate trips in this post with a total of 13 fish.

April 8th – Started the day at Walter pond fishing with my fly rod and got into quite a bit of blue gills on the fly. I caught them all on a light cahill. As it got a bit darker I switched over to a dark green worm and was able to get into a couple of bass before it got too dark to fish.
Total Fish: 9 bluegill + 2 Largemouth bass = 11 fish

April 10th – I got together with my newer fishing buddy Moses. A day before Moses and Charles had gotten into a good amount of buckets out at the Legendary Pond so we decided to give it a try. Moses used a wacky worm rig to catch a few small bass and I thought I would finish the day off skunked, even after throwing the entire tacklebox at them. As the sun dipped into the hills I took a River to Sea Swim bait to finally land one small bass which beat the skunk.It wasn't very legendary on this day!
Total Fish: 1 Largemouth bass

April 14th – Jeremy had the day off so we decided to hit Walter pond and try for some bass. The day was a slow one. We tossed our usual worms at the bass and they wanted nothing to do with them. Instead of hitting our usual spot, we went around the pond and hit other spots. Jeremys buddy Jeff was the first to get a hit and land a bass. Him and Walter had the hot hand and ended up landing 5 bass between the two of them. Jeremy ended the day with two bass and once again I ended the day with a buzzer-beater as we were about to leave!
Total fish: 1 Largemouth Bass

Total fish: 9 bluegill + 4 Largemouth Bass = 13 Fish