Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Bulk Report!

Once Again, in order to catch up, I will be doing this in bulk.

5/16/15 – Ol’ Pops finally picked up his license so we took our river rods out to the Sac. A year ago I was slaying them in this exact spot but this year it was considerably slower. Only two came to hand. One of them being 15 in. or so. My dad ended up catching a shaker as well.
Total: 2 Striper

5/19/15 – We ended up going to check the pits to see how the fishing was. The water was indeed lower and I was able to land my first bass this year out of the pits. Although he was a little guy, he was proof that soon enough the spot will be ready for the crazy action we were having last year.
Afterwards we went to Legendary pond and had another legendary day. We used spinning and fly rods to yank a good number of bass out of there. In addition, Jeremy (along with some fine coaching from yours truly) was able to get into his first bass on the fly! I was pretty proud!
Total: 16 Largemouth Bass

5/25/15 – Bored with the same spot and curious about what else was at Legendary pond, we decided to access another side of Legendary pond. So after a good walk down some hills we went to work on the south bank of Legendary pond. It turned out to be even more legendary that the opther side. Watermelon and Chartreuse worms did the trick with the spinning rod and as it got darker, they weren’t touching anything but purple and white wooley buggers! Needless to say I got some nice ones on the fly!In addition, here is a picture of one bass that I caught which was either deformed or something took a big bite out of him at a younger age!
Total: 27 Largemouth Bass

5/29/15 – I didn’t end up making it out to Ditch pond in March/April when the fishing is best but I made it out on this day and brought moises along. We have caught bass there before and Moises is only into bass fishing. He managed to get into a couple. Meanwhile nothing was biting on my minnows and that was a pity. In fact, most of them ended up dying. I did get into a small bass and as the night wore on I tossed a minnow over to a rocky bank and finally got into a nice size crappie. Bites were scarce after that.
Total: 1 Crappie + 1 Largemouth Bass = 2 Fish

6/2/15 – We hadn’t been to walter pond in a while so we paid it a visit. The moss is getting pretty thick on top in our regular spot so we decided to walk around the pond and explore some different areas. I did manage to hook up with a couple bigger bass that I couldn’t drag across the mats so they got away. Another spot had less mosss so I went to work there. Once again, purple wooley buggers got the job done and I was able to get into 4 bass.
Total: 4 Largemouth Bass

 With this report I am all caught up but I have one trip from this weekend that I will report on soon and it was a fun one! 
Total Fish:  2 Striper + 1 Crappie + 48 Largemouth Bass = 51 Fish!


  1. Can't complain about 51 fish. The "golden" Bass I thought was weird looking until I made the picture big. Then you could see it was just sunlight.You're just a Bass kind of guy.

  2. Juan
    Wow, what a haul, that had to blast with the fly rod and the spinning tackle, trips like that are hard to beat. Thanks for sharing

  3. Juan, I have to hand it too you, you are definitely putting in the fishing time so far this year. I wish I could say the same (Mostly crazy weather) in Colorado. Looks like you are really picking up the fly rod Bass fishing quite well.

    By the way, could I get you to update your blogroll for my blog. Delete the one you have listed and add my new one. Hope to continue to share readers with you. Here is the link - http://fishin4walter.blogspot.com