Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Ol Worm and Bobber

I met up with my buddy Luis this past weekend and decided to fish the bee hive which I haven’t fished at all this year. I went to the store and bought worms but as we drove up we realized that the entire road to the spot was closed for repair so we made our way back to my house. On my way back Jeremy Called and asked if I wanted to fish so we decided to get together. Luis ended up not feeling well and going home so we decided to go to Walters pond and give a try for bass. I had worms and bobbers with me and Jeremy brought some IPA’s along so we decided to have more of a chill fishing day. 

I rigged up my line with the ol worm and bobber while Jeremy went to work with a swim bait. Even though he drew first blood he was utterly intrigued by the bobber set up and was surprised when he first saw the bobber go under. I reeled in and brought a small bass to hand and Jeremy immediately decided that he wanted to give it a try. What Jeremy didn’t know is that nothing goes better with an IPA and a stogie than a worm/ bobber set up!

A little later Walter joined us and he too decided he wanted to fish the bobber rig. Eventually we were all fishing the worm and bobber waiting for fish to strike and eventually they would.

At one point Walter and Jeremy both decided to switch presentations. I continued with the bobber, cast to the shallows, and a bluegill messed with the worm and all of a sudden my bobber went under hard! I set the hook and reeled in a FAT bass, which turned out to be the biggest of the day. For the rest of the day we continued to use the ol worm and bobber pulling in fish after fish. Relaxing and enjoying a warm summer day. 

It was dark and nearly 10 o clock by the time we decided to stop. Nothing like a nice chill evening drinking IPA’s, smoking stogies, chilling with friends and slaying bluegill and bass on the ol worm and bobber!

With this trip I am officially all caught up with fishing trips. I do have Fal and Spring totals to report but aside from that, I'm all set. Hope your summers are starting off with a bang! 

 Total fish: 4 bluegill + 7 Largemouth Bass = 11 fish


  1. For some of us, bobber fishing was the beginning of what we are today. Jeez, that's a scary thought.

  2. Juan
    This sounds like the perfect time to use something like my microlight 7 1/2 ft. with 4 lb. test line. In fact this is the combo I let my Grandson use recently when he went fishing with me and landed bluegill and catfish. You can't beat the worm and bobber for some fast action. By the way what type combo were you guys using? Thanks for sharing

  3. Juan, I agree with Mark on his comment. Where it all began............... Re-visiting that method of fishing and just kickin' back sometimes does an angler's soul well.........

    Good for you for finding some peace..................

  4. Great stuff, Juan! Glad to see you getting on some bigger bass. Bobbers are where it all began for all of us. I'll never not associate fishing with those red and white bobbers. Your post reminds me that I've neglected to visit a number of my local lakes. I think I'll have to make it a point to get out to them now.