Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All Weekend Fishing!

This weekend was a great one as are all weekends in which all three days are fishing days. Friday We took some beers and stogies out to the pits to see how they were hitting. Unfortunately they are still slow. 

I did manage a decent bass on a small crankbait and also another small bass and a panfish. The panfish was interesting because it was the first panfish I have ever caught out there. In all still a great day. The pits aren’t hitting the same way they did in the past but it is slowly but surely getting better out there.
Total: 2 Largemouth bass + 1 green sunfish = 3 Fish

Saturday I went river fishing with Ol Pops and my nephew. My nephew doesn’t have the patience for fishing which really stinks because he has a hot hand and he doesn’t even know it! First blood was him with a 10 inch striper. Second was me with another little striper and pops ended up catching one as well. Biggest was a 16 incher that my nephew ended up catching on my rod while I went to net one up for pops…. And Pops’ fish ended up getting away! So none of us got skunked and my nephew caught the most and biggest fish.

Total: 1 Striper

On Sunday night we decided to hit Walter Pond with IPAs and Stogies in hand. It was hot and fishing was slow. We barely got into 3 fish and that was with a lot of effort on our part. I expected there to be a good topwater bite but that didn’t happen either. Even though the moon was almost full we still didn’t get many bites in general… 

Total: 2 bass
Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Hope summer is going well for my fellow bloggers. 
Grand Total: 6 fish



  1. Juan
    Got to love that bass fishing, I think your nephew will come around once he lands a few more of those largemouth. Thanks for sharing

  2. As hot as it has been down your way, I am not a bit surprised that the Bass fishing was a little more touch and go. The old standard comes into play here...............
    Better to have a little action instead of none at all. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, you must have forgotten to update my new blog link. Understandable, with all the fishing your getting in.

  3. That's a great weekend, Juan! I'm with Bill in thinking your nephew will come around. Once he starts getting some bigger fish that pose more of a challenge he'll be hooked for sure!