Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Washington State Fishing!

The one thing that I love about Washington State (besides my Fiancé) is the amount of lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks and streams within a small radius. While driving in Washington State I was overwhelmed by all the potential fishing spots you see driving down pretty much any road. I have wanted to fish this area since the first time I went out there and this past weekend I was able to do just that!

My Brother in law took me fishing this past Sunday at a small marshy lake/pond/ body of water he simply referred to as “JT’s.”  My Brother-in-law Coco, doesn’t fish by bank so I didn’t stay true to this blog on this fishing trip… I fished by boat. Dissapointing, I know but its how Coco fishes so when in Rome… 
We had 2 hours to fish before we had to go home and enjoy a dinner with the in-laws. In the boat was Coco (using a popper), his buddy Brandon (used a popper and powerbait) and myself (popper and crankbait). We launched the boat and the first half hour was spent finding a good spot. I really wanted to show off my fishing skills which luckily I was able to do by making the first catch!

A small bluegill but a milestone nonetheless.  This fish was the first fish I have ever caught in Washington State! And it certainly wouldn’t be my last. Even though we were fishing for Largemouths, the second half hour was full of bluegill. I caught the first two but Coco quickly caught up and the race was on! 

Brandon only caught one fish but coco and I had a friendly competition going on to see who would catch the most fish! By the end of the first full hour we had only caught bluegill and then I had a bit of a surprise.

I know most of you might see this as an everyday thing, but I had never caught a crappie in my life, and this is the first time I did that. 

After the crappie we knew it was time to kick some bass! We were catching everything but bass until all of a sudden I had a harder tug than usual on the other end of the line. Sure enough I caught the first bass of the evening (about 11 in.)  and I was proud of it. In fact, I ended up catching the second bass (12 in.) of the evening as well! 

I seemed to be winning the competition, I was two fish ahead of Coco and it was almost time to leave and then it happened! Coco got a heavy tug on his line and it even moved the boat a bit. It didn’t put up a huge fight but he could tell it was pretty big. Next thing I know the guy pulls up this huge hog, probably a 10 lber (we didn’t have a scale) which was his last fish of the night!

I pulled him into the boat and we all celebrated his catch. Although I would go on to catch one more bluegill, making a total of seven fish of three different kinds, none of them bigger than the lunker coco caught!

Between me, coco and Brandon we caught a total of 13 fish. I caught the most but Coco Certainly caught the best. In all it was a good day of fishing and some great bonding with my future brother-in-law.

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  1. J
    The smile on your face says it all--nice gills and that bass is awesome--thanks for sharing