Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Stripes but Plenty of Pikeminnow!

Striper have made themselves scarce this season (for me). The only striper I have caught this year have been at the beginning of the year (before the striper run). This Sunday I went out to my usual spot on the Sac in Colusa. I had not been fishing there in a VERY long time, Since before I got married. My dad and I were really excited to fish the old fishing hole  only to get skunked! We fished for four hours which last year would have produced a good amount of fish, but nothing! Our methods did not change and yet the results were drastically different. 

One thing I did notice was that the water seemed to be teeming with pikeminnows and carp! And as you may know, I HATE the pikeminnow! At least carp put up a nice fight but pikeminnows are weak fighters and I hate seeing them on the end of my line when I could have a nice healthy striper instead. At one point I threw a sardine head in the water and about five small pikeminnows swarmed the thing. I also noticed a lot of crawdads in the water, more than usual. I even ended up catching a couple of crawdads and using them as bait thinking that the crawdads might be attracting more fish (aside from the pikeminnows), but nothing!
The increased presence of these two types of creatures could be the reason there were less striper in the area, but I don’t know. That’s about it for my sac river Fishing report. 

Tune in later this week when I tell you how the bass bite is doing out at good ol boss pond! Take care, folks!

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