Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Fishing Goals!

Happy 2013 folks! Cheers to a new year everybody. May you catch more quality fish this year and may you have a blast doing it. I figured I would share some of my fishing goals for this new year and that way you guys can hold me accountable for them. So let’s get started…

1.      Catch my first Salmon
If you have read this blog in the past, you know that my goal for a while has been to catch a king salmon! Unfortunately I have not been able to do this yet. 2013 will be my year!

2.      Catch my first Sturgeon
Even though sturgeon fishing now requires an $8.13 report card and I have to get rid of all of my 2 hook sturgeon leaders, I still want to catch a dino! Something I definitely would have to do before spring. 

3.      Catch my first steelhead
Brand new goal. This year I have been hearing a lot about steelhead fishing and how fun it is. I have heard others say that it is an experienced anglers game and so I accept the challenge! At this time I am not sure if steelheads are still running or if I have to wait until next year, but either way I will catch one!

4.      Discover new fishing holes
My ol pops is not much of an explorer. He believes that if you catch fish at a place, that is the spot until the good Lord returns! I am more of an explorer. I am all about fishing and catching fish in  a single spot but I know that there are tons of honey holes out there waiting to be found and I want to be the guy who finds them! Or at least the guy who knows them even if I didn’t find them myself, lol. 

5.      Catch more trout
Last year I caught my very first rainbow trout. I probably could have caught more but I was getting steady bites and so I decided to have my buddies (who had never caught fish before) get in the action. As a result they caught their first fishes! This year, I will be a bit more selfish and catch them all myself!

6.      Catch more smallmouth bass
In 2011 I fished the Feather river upstream from Oroville Lake. I thought I was going to catch salmon but it turns out they don’t get up that way because of the dam. A guy told me to fish for trout. I didn’t catch any trout but instead I hooked into a couple of nice smallmouth bass! This year I will fish more for smallies as I have heard the bigger ones put up quite a fight. 

7.      Break my striper record
I have caught tons of 18”, 19” and 20” Stripers in my day.  The biggest one I have caught has been 22”. I’m not really sure if I am doing something wrong but my goal is still to catch a bigger one this year! 

8.      Catch a double digit Largemouth
My personal best is a 20” 5 lb Largemouth. I not only want to catch a bigger one but specifically I want to catch a 10+ lber. And don’t worry, I will catch and realease.

9.      More overnight fishing trips
Just because they are always a good time! I love overnight fishing with the buddies.

10.  Do more fishing research than ever before!
It really isn’t enough for me to know how to catch one type of fish or only know one method of fishing. I want to figure out how to catch all types of fish. And I want to know different ways of catching them. And I want to know where to catch them and how to catch them and any time during the year if at all possible! I am NOT satisfied with what I currently know and I will not be satisfied until I know it all…and then I will do some more research!

So what about you? Any fishing goals for 2013? Any tips on how to meet my goals this year?


  1. J
    10 goals that will produce some awesome posts. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading along Bill. I really hope they do produce good posts! I am predicting some BIG FISH pictures this year! haha

  2. It’s always great to set goals for ourselves, and yes, New Year is the best time to do that. And about your goal of getting that King Salmon on your hook, you should wait until it’s spawning season and anchor your boat over a school of salmon. Try to use flashing lures, but always remember that live bait is still the best. Good luck!

    Bernita Sloan