Monday, July 22, 2013

Black Butte Lake + Update

Went camping out at black butte lake this Saturday night and had a great time. Figured I would take some worms and try for some kitties. Even though there was a (or perhaps due to the) full moon, the bite was off. I tried a bottom feeding rig and a slip sinker rig at various depths and no bites. Interestingly enough the next morning I went out again. I threw out a popper and a torpedo and no bites in addition to a slip sinker rig. The sun came out and the day began getting hotter.  I was sitting with my buddy Jaime and I dazed off for a minute or two. 

At about 720 am he noticed (and I missed) that my bobber had gone under. I reeled in but there was nothing on the line and my worm was gone. After that I threw my line out again, I lowered my depth a little bit and sure enough, bam! Fish on! I started reeling in a nice little bass but when I had him at shore and in sight, he shook his head loose and swam away. I threw it out again and boom, another fish on. This time it was 1 small but fat 10 in. channel catfish. I released him and threw out two rods. Both were getting bit for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden the bite stopped. I tried changing my depths again to see if they were at a different depth but they weren’t/ it seemed like they were gone so I went up to eat breakfast. Only one small catfish but at least I beat the skunk!

In some other news, according to UPS, my fly rod should be in tomorrow and I am beyond excited to get it. I went to Guns fishing and other stuff in Vacaville, ca. I was just going to buy a couple of flies, and a couple of leaders and ended up dropping 40 bucks in five minutes on mostly just flies with no problem at all! When I get my rod hopefully I will be able to take it out somewhere and test it out.


  1. Yup, the fly fishing bug has up and bit you my blogging friend. Happy hookups!