Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/16 Lisbon + Salmon fishing

This is from last weekend,  I have been crazy busy at work so I had forgotten to post it up. Well anyway I went Panfishing with my buddy Luis. He has yet to buy his license but I already he should get it so a fat ticket for him is no longer on my conscience. 

So I was watching a bit of the Niner preseason game and decided to leave a bit late. Weh we hit Lisbon I busted out the fly rod and was ready to go to work. Unfortunately The fish were not hitting the fly. I could see them swimming up to the flies I was throwing but no bites. We call the spot we go to “the bee hive” on account of all the bees there. Unfortunately I don’t have any bee patterns, I’m sure they would work. I threw out different colors of wooley bugger, a grasshopper, a bass popper, a PMD and nothing was working so I decided to put the fly rod away especially since the sun was starting to set. I pulled out the regular rod and went to work. 

Meanwhile luis was working the night crawler and bobber pretty well. It took him a while to get into his first fish but sure enough, he did it. He got into a nice little bass which is fun on light gear. Net fish was a bluegill which he had never caught before so he was pretty excited about it. He finished his day with a small crappie. Three types of fish in one day; it wasn’t bad day for him at all. 

So initially I caught a small picture but I didn’t think it was worth a picture. It was starting to get dark but I checked my hook and I had one small chunk of worm on my line. I figured why not and I threw it out. I saw my bobber disappear instantly. I hoped it was a bass but what I caught was still pretty cool. It was an 11 in crappie; my best so far! Nice size fish and by far my personal best crappie. 

Sunday I went out Salmon fishing with my buddy Sean and although we heard reports of the prior day being a good one, there appeared to be no fish on the sac that day. I really think that this year I will get into my first salmon. Don't worry, WHEN it happens, i will let you guys know!

That’s all folks!


  1. When you're around those little ones, think mosquito. See if you can find a dry that's buggy looking and it should work. Holler if you need a suggestion.

    1. That stinks because I had tons of mosquito patterns! haha Oh well, now i know for next time!

  2. J., happy to see you are active fishing. Nothing wrong with being too busy, as long as fishing is a part of being busy. BTW, that is a very, very nice Crappie. Nice job!

    Like Mark says, if you need a little help with pattern suggestions, I can throw some ideas your way.

    Would appreciate you putting my new link up and taking down the other couple of mine that I see on your blogroll.