Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Waiting Game

So it is official, I am officially the proud owner of my first 8 Wt Rod. I have officially ordered a Cabelas RLS+ Combo. Like I said, it is an 8 wt.  4 piece Rod and reel Combo . It has a fighting butt and everything. You might recall that I didn’t have the best experience with my last rod and reel combo from Cabelas. 

Aesthetically the rod and reel were beautiful. Cabelas makes some fantastic looking products.  I got more than a few compliments on what a nice looking combo I had. And in all actuality it handled very well. Unfortunately it didn’t have a carrying case, just one of those rod bags. I really liked my Wind River combo but at one time it started making a scraping/screeching sound every time I reeled in. I really debated on whether or not I wanted to return it. It was a great combo with what was perhaps a manufacturers defect so I never discounted the Cabelas brand.  Unfortunately I had to return it but after adding a bit more to the price I was able to purchase Excalibur; my Sage reel on a Redington CT rod. In all, I was pleased with the outcome.

Well, I have been thinking about an 8 or 9 wt rod for a while. I wanted something with some back bone to be able to withstand a fight with some big bass, stripers, carp, steelhead (if we ever get enough water in the American again) and maybe even some catfish! Hopefully that is exactly what I will get with the RLS+. Well now it’s nothing but a waiting game and I feel like a child a few weeks before Christmas!


  1. Make sure and give us all a shout once you get the new combo and give us your first impressions. Happy Hook Ups!

  2. Juan
    You will be glad you purchased this combo when you tie into some of those big strips and catfish later this year. Looking forward to a report. thanks for sharing