Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sometimes it is a Must!

When you have to fish, you have to fish!  Last Friday after getting out of work, I had to fish! I took my fly rod and went out to Central Putah creek in Davis. I was eager to try my dam spot and what would you know..,. my damn spot was taken!  A bunch of kids who were swimming and fishing at the same time. I ended up going to another spot and this kid was there fishing alone. Turns out he was with the swimming kids. He asked if I was fly fishing and I too the time to teach him a little bit about the ol fly rod and even let him try out my fly rod. He was pretty impressed.

I went to spot number two and ended up catching one baby smallmouth bass, but that was it for the day.He ended up flopping away before I can take a picture  Right after the kids left, I went over to the dam to give it a try but it was dead. Kids must have scared my fish away. 

Saturday my dad and I went out for some striper on the sac again. The bite seemed slow at first but it picked up as the day advanced.  At about my third cast I had a bite and I’m not really sure what happened, but my line snapped.  I had to tie another leader on but was back on the water in minutes. First striper was pops and it was a small one. I came second with my first little guy.  At about my fourth cast I got a bite, and ended up pulling in another line. Turns out it was my other line so I pulled it in by hand and realized my weight and hook were still on.  What’s cooler than that is that there was a small striper still on the line! 

I did end up taking my fly rod but as you can see in the picture there isn’t much space to cast here. Either way, I did my best and threw out some streamers, some black wooley buggers and some poppers. No takers. 

I ended up catching shaker after shaker on my spinning rod but no keepers. The biggest of the night were two fifteen inchers and a sixteen incher. I also ended up catching a 12 inch channel catfish. I hoped to catch at least a couple more cats or a keeper size striper but it didn’t happen so I released him. Pops ended up catching 2 stripers, which made it a 13 fish day.  Not a bad time but still searching for those keepers! 

Total Fish: 1 Smallmouth bass + 1 Catfish + 10 Stripers = 12 fish


  1. Juan
    It doesn't matter where you fish or the number it is always good to be outdoors and enjoying the day. thanks for sharing

  2. As often the problem when fishing from shore or "pond stalking", those trees and brush play havoc with a fly caster. Wading or use of a float tube helps a lot to get out on the water. However, that is why I tie simple flies. Hang one in the tree and don't worry about it, Just grab another........................................

    1. Wading would definitely help. I probably should have done that. next time i guess. thanks for the comment!