Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spontaneous Reno Trip

Nothing quite like a spontaneous trip with my wife. We decided last minute to head up to Reno for the weekend just to relax for a bit. I figured I would get in a little bit of fishing time if I could, but it wasn’t a priority. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to bring all of my fly gear along anyway! 

We packed quickly and headed out on 80. I expected a lot of traffic but instead we had none. Apparently everybody had already arrived before us because when we got there, there was a 45 minute wait in a Disney-like line just to get to the check in desk. Our wait was worth it because the front desk worker ended up upgrading us, which he told us but we didn’t pay attention to until we saw this:

Yessir, V.I.P.! They ended up giving us a huge suite on the 28th floor with a living room, a separate bedroom with king size bed, three huge windows with an amazing view of all of Reno, two bathrooms and the best part, a tv in each bathroom! Lol

We hit the casinos but only for a little bit. We explored the downtown area a lot. It is a lot nicer than the last time I came out here which was about 8 years ago. The entire time I had the Truckee on my mind and different fishing videos I have seen of people fly fishing it. I decided to wait until the last day on the drive back to give it a try. 
One thing that we did that you can’t do in California is visit Cabelas! Every time I go out of state I am looking for Cabelas. It really is an outdoorsman’s paradise and going there is an event in itself. Here are a couple of pics I took there. Always a good time and since I was there I picked up a few things. 

Whenever I am in a new area I like finding new BBQ spots. In the Reno/ Sparks area there is BJ's BBQ, which apparently has won a few awards for their ribs. We ended up ordering ribs, hot wings and Kick ass Fries, Kick Ass fries are fries topped with pulled pork and sour cream. They were pretty kick ass, the ribs were pretty good but i have definitely had better. the texture of the sauce on the ribs was pretty thin, but it was a good sauce. The wings were top notch! The sauce tasted similar to the mango habanero wings at BWW but better. I will definitely visit them again next time I am in town.

Finally Friday arrived and I was excited. I couldn’t wait to cross into California and do some fishing. I pulled off of the freeway, found a nice spot with a nice run under a bridge. I pulled out my fishing gear and I realized… I forgot my F*&%!ng fishing license! Pardon my French there but I was super pissed. Oh well, it was my fault for not remembering! 

So no I didn’t get any fishing in, I just thought about it a lot. Maybe next time I am in reno, which should be a few years from now. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Juan
    Wow, what a trip and the with a little bit of everything--food look delicious --thanks for sharing

    1. It was a good trip Bill. Thanks for reading!