Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1st time at Levis Stadium and a Milestone!

This past Sunday I made it out to Levis Stadium for the first time ever and BOY, I was impressed. Not gonna lie, I was pretty sad to see Candlestick's seats being torn out this month but after seeing this impressive palace, I'm no longer sad. I was so excited just to see the stadium and feel the energy and hear the familiar foghorn sounds! And when I walked up to the top of the observation deck and saw the feild and the seats, it was over, I loved it!

The game was a good one. for a second we fell behind but the defense did their job and the offense did just enough to put us over the top. I've been to losses before and that's never good!

I look forward to many years at Levis watching games with my wife and my friends. Perhaps one day my children will love to learn the game as much as their father does as they experience the environment of the stadium and the roar of the crowd.

In addition, here is a milestone for you. 20,000 views! Yes, yess, I am moving my way up. Thanks for reading my posts and browsing my blog folks. I appreciate all of my readers and especially my commenters!

If you don't hear from me before tomorrow, hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! God Bless you all!


  1. I remember when Bears Stadium became Mile High Stadium and Mile High became Invesco at Mile High. It was an exciting time. Have a great Thanksgiving Juan and family!

  2. I'm glad the 49ers got the win even if was at the demise of the Redskins. I think I'm just going to pick a new team. Maybe I'll root for the 49ers. I might root for the Packers, I am from Wisconsin. How about the Seahawks? Aah, never mind.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your family, Juan! Looks like you had perfect weather for the game! That stadium does look nice.