Friday, November 14, 2014

B-day Fishing

The day before my birthday I decided to make a little fly fishing trip out to “Central” putah creek in Davis. I had originally planned to take a bigger trip out to Western Putah in search of some trophy rainbows but ended up waking up too late.

In the past I haven’t taken pictures of this fishing hole that once graced me with my first largemouth bass on the fly so I decided to snap some on this day.

My first stop was this hole which might look great but is actually only about 1-2 ft deep and teeming with pikeminnows.  I threw a couple of flies but due to the low hanging tree branches and tight casting I decided to move to the next hole.

This next hole is the big producer for me. Here a black wooley bugger gets the job done all summer long. Now I’m not sure if it was because  the water was cold or my inexperience (or a combination of both) but on this specific day the fish were scarce. I didn’t get a single fish to take my offerings. I only saw one bass in the water; I usually see them following my flies, but not on this day. 

My final stop was this third hole. This hole usually produces when others don’t and although I did see a few more fish out here they were not interested in what I threw in their direction. Around this point I started getting hungry so I split. 

Well, it’s always good to practice my fly cast. Big news coming soon but that’s it for now!

Total fish: 0


  1. Funny how fishing changes with the weather.

  2. Happy belated birthday, dude! When they aren't biting the way you want them to, slow down the retrieve or change flies until you find something their interested in. I wish I was still able to get out and fish. Winter has come early and fierce.