Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Outing of 2015!

Don’t worry, Don’t worry…  I haven’t thrown my goal out the window or anything.  But my first fishing outing of the year was a spin fishing one. I just see it as more practical during these cold times when most fish are hanging in the depths. Especially with bass at the pits. 

I purchased my license after work last Wednesday and hit the pits with my buddy Jeremy and his buddy Jeff.  Jeremy and Jeff have been fishing for the same amount of time, about 6 months. They are examples of guys who tried fishing and got hooked! In fact, at only 6 months, Jeremy has already caught a 6-7lber (didn’t have a scale but my buddy Russell confirmed it) so he is definitely a fisherman.

Jeremy and Jeff arrived at the fishing hole early, at around 12 and I met them at 3. I dragged jigs at the bottom indifferent colors and tried drop-shotting worms but no bites. According to Jeremy there were no bites all afternoon which I believed because it’s winter and I generally don’t find many fish during the winter. I even tried kastmasters which slay them during the summer but not during winter. 
At about 445, Jeff is casting off of a small point, into the depths and says,” I think I got one… wait… yeah, I got one!” We both look over and sure enough, we see the familiar jerking of a bass at the end of the line.  We were ecstatic for him, happy to know that catching bass during the fall was possible with patience and a texas rigged worm. We quickly switched both of our rigs to the same. Unfortunately I didn’t end up getting into any bass but Jeremy ended up catching one at about a pound and a half. 

I did get the old winter skunkaroo but nothing that a cigar, some fresh air and a good afternoon with the buddies couldn’t take care of! Next time I will have to bring my fly rod along. 

Total fish: 0


  1. Juan
    An early start to 2015 was worth it--it will weeks before I make it out--the weather is still cold to really do any good. thanks for sharing

  2. January is just tough fishing for most of us on the blog scene. We have to really appreciate all the guys and gals who get out and who do have success this time of year. Keep that fly rod handy.............................

  3. You mention "WINTER"...I don't see it. =)

  4. I agree with Justin… it looks tropical there compared to the midwest haha. But in all seriousness its good to see you were able to get out on the water. Hard to beat that no matter the outcome.