Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"I Got the Hook-up, Holla if You Hear Me!"

 I have a lot of people who have asked if I tie flies since I fly fish but with the quality of flies available out there, I don’t see a point for the time being.  Especially when you have friends who have the hook up!

So first off, let me give a shout out to Justin from Carf Outdoors . Back in October of last year I purchased a bunch of flies from him and I just wanted to show you some pictures of those.
I ended up purchasing:

1 green and white minimum cowbell
1 blue and white minimum cowbell
1 green and white EP baitfish pattern
1 white and red  EP baitfish pattern
2 white damsels
1 red panfish fly which he threw in for free. 

These are some fantastic looking, well tied flies that I plan to use this spring and summer to get into some big bass on my 8 wt. 

Second, Bryan from over at The Rogue Outdoors HOOKED me up with some fantastic Sarge’s crappie Flies which I used to catch crappie last year. I realized I had a good fly on my hand so I asked him for a few more. I wanted to pay for them but God Bless him, Bryan wouldn’t let me. Instead he hooked me up with :
11 Sarges Crappie
2 Crappie Candies
1 clouser
1 zebra midge

Bryan is a class act! Hooking me up with all kinds of flies when all I really wanted were 2-4 Sarges Crappie Flies! 

Last, I entered a new Year giveaway contest over at Howards place and ended up winning a prize! I seem to have luck over at Howard’s blog. This is the second giveaway on his page where I win something! Well anyway, my original prize was a “Fiberglass Manifesto” T-shirt (I had never read TFM before I won a T-shirt of his). Fortunately, There weren’t any t-shirts in my size and I was sent some “swag” instead. I say Luckily because this is what I received:
2 Fly fishing Koozies
4 black TFM Stickers
1 red TFM Sticker

Those are two of the coolest looking koozies I have ever seen! They have flies on them, how cool is that?! 

Well anyway, I just have to say i have some fantastic fly fishing buddies who hook me up with some great stuff and I am glad to have them in my network of Fly Fishing buds! 


  1. Glad you like the flies. And thank you for the shout out. Over the past few years many other bloggers have helped me out and sent me stuff for free so I thought I will continue to pass on the good karma. Hope they help you have a successful year.

  2. Juan, really neat to hear that you are starting to get more and more of the flyfishing "bug". It is true that all the great blogbuddies we share with watch out for each other and pay it forward when they can. I need to tie up some Sarge's about now!

  3. Juan
    Love those crappie jigs, which I have a feeling will attract a few slabs to the net for you this season. Thanks for sharing