Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Past Few Weekends...

Nothing biting but the pikeminnows. The Colusa stretch of the Sacramento river has been quiet these past three weekends. 2 spots fished have shown little activity in terms of bites and even less when speaking of actually catching fish. We mostly used cut baits – anchovies, shad, sardines. But we also tried catfish magic bait (which I’m beginning to think isn’t REALLY magic), rubber worms, and even a crawdad that I found in the river. Bites were few which made the trips rather boring. Then again, it was pretty relaxing so I guess the days weren’t too bad. Even though We didn’t catch anything, being out on the water is still a great way to spend the weekend. 

This weekend the River was high and muddy. The spot where we usually stand was under water. I tested pro-cure bait scents for the first time this weekend. Ol’ Pops and I were using the same sinker-slider rig with a foot long leader the only difference was that I used the pro cure scent and he didn’t. we definitely noticed a difference in number of bites between the two. I have a feeling that once the water clears up and drops, this stuff is going to do wonders.


  1. You know I use Pro-Cure all the time. Not being a Sacramento River fisherman, the only thought would be garlic. Seems to work everywhere.


    1. Fantastic, I'll have to give it a try. thanks Mark!!