Monday, March 26, 2012

Slammin Largemouths!

 A Stringer is worth a thousand words... 

...but I'll share a few anyway! LOL

This sunday we started off on the river and after another week of bad luck, we accepted a friends invitation to go bass fishing at his friends pond. That's where the stringer came from. We caught six bass in about an hour and a half! That's not including the ones that got away and the small catfish that I threw back. 

I started the day off with a floating worm technique that my buddy Lee taught me. Worked like a charm! Within the first five minutes of having my line in the water I had my first largemouth of the day (13"). My old man had never caught a largemouth before so my goal was to teach him how to do so. He had a couple of bites on nightcrawlers but eventually I decided to have him use a pink, green and white Cotton Cordell crankbait instead. That did the trick! Prior to that day he hadn't caught a single largemouth and left that day with three largemouths on the stringer!
My buddy used a green Rooster Tail and caught a 15 incher. I used a Cotton Cordell shad pattern crankbait that caught me two Largemouths including this 16 incher! I love Cotton Cordell Crankbaits, they are cheap and they most DEFINITELY get the job done!! (I should be sponsored by Cotton Cordell! lol)
**Sidenote, after cleaning this one out I found a whole crawdad inside of its stomach! Some of you might not be impressed but I had never seen anything like it! lol

In all it was a great day! I was thinking so much into the striper run that I almost forgot that it was spawning season for Largemouth bass as well. Glad my buddy talked me into it!

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  1. I'm going to do a little Bassin' this summer. looking forward to it.