Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Testing the Lures, Showing the Skills!

Boss Pond
This weekend was a hot one. That means everybody and their mamas were on the river cooling off. That meant that every fishing spot on the river was either taken or had no shade and was therefore unbearable. So our fishing trip wasn't the best. I decided to try for salmon, casting out my Rattle trap about fifty times but no dice. I will continue my quest to catch my first salmon until the season is over and rest assured, I WILL catch a salmon!

So yesterday I had the day off and I decided to go out to boss pond and catch some largemouth bass.

We ended up getting to boss pond at about 6:00. I wanted to try a couple of newer lures I had and so as soon as I got there, I went to work!

I have a Rebel popper that I have been wanting to try out as well as a Storm WildEye Live Sunfish and a green Snag Proof Spin Frog Lure.

First up was the Rebel Popper which i threw in and began popping. It was only in may that I learned what exactly a popper was and how to use one. My brother in law taught me how they were used and from then, I knew i had to get some. So this is my first popper and as i was popping I saw a small bass come up and strike at it, but it wasn't hooked. Beautiful thing it is to see a bass strike at a top water lure!  After a few cast sure enough I had a fish on and i hooked into this 15.5 in 1.5 lber.
15.5" 1.5 lb

So next I decided to try with the snag proof frog. One thing I liked about it, it truly is snag proof. I was throwing this sucker into weed beds, on top of the weed filled areas of the ponds , around cattails and the sucker kept coming back! Unfortunately I did not catch anything with this guy which was probably the lure i used the most during my two hours at the pond.

last I decided to use my Storm wildeye sunfish. I had VERY low expectations for this lure since I bought the 3-pack on a 50% discount. But as I said in the PAST  its not the price, but whether or not it catches fish.

"The Warrior" - 18 in 2.5 lbs

On my third cast with this lure, it was fish on! This little sucker was a fighter. He was jumping out of the water, running hard to get away, and at one point he even went under a log (or something else underwater) and it felt like the fish had gotten my line snagged, I was disappointed, but i decided to loosen a little line a little to see if my line was really tangled or if he had just tangled up my line. I waited for e second and there was no movement. Next thing I know he takes off again and I simply let the line hold him until he got tired. I then reeled him in and noticed that this boy was a true fighter with a busted lip! wonder how he got that? well, either way I am now practicing catch, picture, release with my Largemouths and as you can see, "the warrior" had battle wounds and was released to fight another day! The fish was 18 in. 2.5 lbs.

Well that's it for me for right now. I'm hoping to be able to get out on the banks again this week so I will let you know. Until then, break that bank folks!

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