Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching the King!

“What are you fishing for?”
“Whatever takes my bait!”

Ever had that exchange before? I’m not sure if people say this due to their lack of confidence in catching a specific type of fish or if they are genuinely fishing for whatever will take their bait. Or there is one more possibility, they don’t care to have a conversation with me about whatever fish they are attempting to catch. Whatever it is, it bugs me! 

I always know exactly what type of fish I am trying to catch, I am intentional. I set goals for my fishing trips. When I have two poles I fish for two different types of fish and the rig and bait will be different.  But I digress…

In the past I have set fishing goals for myself. At one point I had never caught a largemouth bass so I went after it until I caught it. At one point I had never caught a trout so I went after them until I caught a nice little rainbow trout. I set goals for myself and then I make it happen! 

 My latest goal is the mighty King salmon! I have heard many tell me that you can’t catch them from the bank, but they are all just doubters. I am going out there with confidence. I will prove them all wrong. I don’t need a boat, I am the mighty bank angler! (lol ok, getting carried away) 

All jokes Aside, my goal is to catch one of these fish, and so I will do my due diligence, I will ask around, I will buy the equipment necessary and I will catch a king salmon!  I will take a picture with it, then I will post up the picture here as proof! That is my goal for the rest of this year!
Seasoned anglers, ANY tips (on catching salmon) are appreciated.

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  1. I can't help you with the Salmon, but your attitude is going in the right direction.