Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updates: Labor Day Weekend

September 1st - My Parents went camping and so i joined them for a day. Since the last time that i fished black butte I didn't even get a bite, I wasn't expecting much action. i set up my little Zebco Genesis with a slip sinker aand floated my worm. within a few minutes I had a small largemouth on the line. After getting him off of my line I released him to grow another day. After that I was able to hook into three more small catfish. Even though nothing was worth keeping, it felt good to catch these fish, the most i have caught in Black butte in one day. In other words, at least I didn't get skunked!!

September 2nd - The very next day I was out on the water again, different waters, of course. I fished Putah for Largemouth and sure enough I caught a small one. What is with all the small bass? I need to hook into a 5+ pounder here pretty soon!

Thanks to my lovely wife for snapping the picture.
September 3rd- (Taking advantage of the three day weekend) I fished South Lake Tahoe for the first time ever. We were only there for two days and my wife wanted me to do less fishing and spend more time with her. She did however let me fish a bit so I found the nearest shore line, bought a carton of worms and hit the water. Unfortunately, not even a bite. It didn't seem like the best place to fish the lake, but like i said, i was limited in time. Next time, I will have to find a place where a creek is feeding into a lake. I'm sure I will find fish there. I was also able to fish the American river as it went through the mountains for about a half hour. Didn't catch anything, but lovely country nonetheless!

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  1. As I recall, you're somewhat of a newlywed and that would make your presence necessary. Eventually she'll get tired of you and then you can fish more. LOL