Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mystery Tackle Box

Recently I found “Mystery Tackle Box" on facebook. I thought about joining but had not done so.  I had been quite intrigued by the idea of a mystery bag of tricks sent to you for one low price but had not gotten around to joining. Enter the discount code! When I heard you can get the first month for only 4.99 I jumped at the chance. I figured, that’s not bad considering you get four or five products for the price of one.

 If you type in “Get499” when the website asks for a discount code, you get your box for the wonderful price of 4.99! That’s with free shipping! I am withholding judgment until I receive the box and try the products but as for this month, it seems like a good deal. $15 a month for about $25 worth of stuff? Sounds good to me. What I figure I will do in the future is rate one product per week and at the end of the month let you know if the box was actually worth it or not. Makes for a good column, at least I hope it does. At the very least it will keep me writing.
If anybody is interested in joining the website is: https://mysterytacklebox.com/

1 comment:

  1. Any pictures of the goods they send inside the box?
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