Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Camping!

Gents, I survived! haha

My trip to the snow was a great time! My buddy dave cancelled last minute so it was just me and my buddy Lee. The day time temp was 45 degrees and at night it dropped down to 20! It was a 2 mile hike up the mountain. The path was sometimes packed with snow and at others, dry as a bone. That meant we had to use the sled part of the time and a cart at others. It was a pain having to lift that thing on and off the cart and that made the trip pretty difficult.

We were right next to a creek but it was very small and shallow, so we couldn’t really fish.

 Instead we went hiking around, shot around for a while (but not much since ammo is so scarce these days!), went looking for mountain lion tracks and cooked a dinner for Champions!

On the menu was some amazing steak cooked rare, rice and baked beans! I tell you, the combination of a long hike, extreme hunger, and the food being great in general, made it taste like the best meal on earth. We pissed all around the camp to keep the mountain lions away and let off a round every once in a while to scare any potential predators away.

I had on a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, sweats and snowboarding pants the entire time and they kept me perfectly warm. At night I through on a pullover and I had a heavy jacket, which I didn’t end up using. My Kodiak boots had an insulator which kept my feet nice and warm the entire time. Wore a beanie on my head at night, didn’t end up using my ski mask.

My Coleman Big basin sleeping bag kept me extremely warm the entire night. In fact, it got a little too warm so I had to unzip it and just let the air flow through. 20 degree weather never felt so warm! The next day the hike felt a lot easier and made it back home in one piece. In all I had a great time! I definitely want to do this again! I have all the gear for it so I may as well. One of the ladies at my work mentioned that we should make this a yearly trip and i definitely agree with that! So i didn't get any fishing in but I hope you guys enjoy this post anyway. I should be fishing at the Spot in Colusa with my dad this weekend so I will let you know how we do!