Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Fishing Buddy and Hog Hunting!

Once again I will briefly be abandoning my namesake and fishing from a boat!

Like I said yesterday, I now look forward to meeting folks and fishing with them. Recently I met Russell over at the fish sniffer and he said he wanted to fish with me so it’s on!

I will be meeting him over at Sutter Bypass in Yuba City and we will hopefully be getting into some largemouth bass. As I mentioned before I have had a recent craving to catch myself some largemouths .  Ever since I got back from Washington and caught a 3 lber, I have wanted to get back out there and catch some big ones.

My goal when it comes to largemouth this year, as discussed in an older post, is:

8.      Catch a double digit Largemouth
My personal best is a 20” 5 lb Largemouth. I not only want to catch a bigger one but specifically I want to catch a 10+ lber. And don’t worry, I will catch and realease.

This also reminds me that I have to do an update on my fishing goals for the year. I figure I will just start writing a seasonal report since I already dropped the ball on a quarterly report.

So as I hit this new fishing hole that I have only been in once, my hope is not only to catch a new personal best but also to hook into my first double digit Largemouth.  But I won’t focus just on big fish I am also just looking to have a good time with my new buddy Russell, drink some beer and get out on that water!


  1. Might as well dream "big", J. Hope you have a good day on the water.

    1. There is no other way to dream! Thanks, Mel!

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