Monday, July 15, 2013

Update: 2013 Fishing Goals, Spring+ Update!

So at first I figured that I would give you guys a quarterly report about my fishing goals but then I realized that my first quarter was terrible and long past. So Then I figured I would do a “Seasonal” report but I am long past the “first day of summer” report. Either way, a seasonal/ current state of affairs type of update is what I will be doing. 

       It is July 15th and we are a few weeks into summer. To be honest I haven’t been fishing or camping as much as I would have liked but oh well.
S    So far my total fish count has been 37 which some people catch in a single trip but that is not bad for me considering I hardly caught any fish in the first couple of months of the year. Spring was pretty good to me in terms of pan fish and trout. I haven’t caught enough striper and largemouth but I am still trying! Anyway, here is an update of the goals I set in January.

1.       Catch my first Salmon
-          Salmon Season starts tomorrow. I will be on the water on Wednesday morning. My buddy Sean is an avid Salmon angler and will be taking me out on his boat. I know, I know I am betraying my namesake but honestly, I need to catch a salmon PERIOD before I learn how to catch one from bank which I hear is supposed to be more difficult than landing one from a boat. Considering that I have yet to catch a salmon, I can’t be picky. My plan is to catch one from boat and then teach myself how to catch one from the bank.

4.      Discover new fishing holes
I have not explored a lot but I have discovered new fishing holes. I was able to locate what I can officially call my first “honey hole” where I have caught a fish every time I visited it. And I did discover it by exploring so I guess so far this has been a success.

5.      Catch more trout
  Last year I caught my first trout. So anything over one trout would have been a success. This year, thanks to Mark and my fly-fishing experience I hooked into four trout this year! I can assure you this is only the beginning of my trout and fly fishing experience this year! With upcoming trips planned to the Yuba river and deer creek, I have only begun to fish trout. I not only plan to break this record, I plan to shatter it!!

7.      Break my striper record
This one was a complete success! First striper of the year and the run and it was a 24” beauty! This broke my previous record by two inches! Now, I’m on to bigger and better stripes!!

9.      More overnight fishing trips
I feel I have failed on this one. I haven’t even taken many camping trips this summer at all! But I plan to fix that in the next month and a half or so along with two trips already planned… one for this weekend!

So I have met three of my 10 goals which isn't bad at all I plan on meeting at least 9 of 10 before the year ends! Well, that’s it for now. My next update will be at the end of summer. Thanks for reading, folks!!

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  1. Just keep at it, it is not about making all your goals but striving for them.