Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saturday at the Slough

Saturday Afternoon was a fine day for fishing. Even though there was a bit of wind, I decided to take my buddy luis out and see if we could get into a fish or two over at the "bee hive." As you may recall, Last time I went fishing out there was the first time I had EVER been skunked there. This is why you can NEVER guarantee a person that you will get them into some fish!

Well anyway, I hit the fishing hole at around 3. I could see some small bass in the water so I decided to toss out a couple of lures before I got to the worms. I tossed out a large yellow Hedon Torpedo which has been collecting dust for a while.  As I got close to the small bass I had multiple strikes. I threw it out again and got the same results. I figured I should try a smaller torpedo in a different color but this one had absolutely no draw.

I decided I would try the fly rod and a bass popper but they weren’t having it. Later I tried a white Cahill and even a small mosquito looking pattern under a foam hopper. None of these got any attention. Then my hopper and mosquito got caught on some vegetation and I lost them. I was pretty pissed about that so I stopped fishing since I was a bit limited on time (had a date night afterwards with the Mrs.). 

I switched over to the worm under a bobber and started casting into the mouth of the feeder creek. Two casts later I was into my first baby largemouth. A bit later I got into my first blue gill and then a green sunfish and I realized that the bee hive isn’t dead yet, it was just resting on the specific day when I assured my buddy Jarred I would get him into some fish.

Even though it started getting chilly, I continued to catch green sunfish, small largemouth,  crappie and bluegill. My buddy Luis also got into one bluegill but that was it for the night.

I ended the day with 2 largemouths, 2 green sunfish, one white crappie, one black crappie, and two bluegills; 8 fish total!  This is not bad at all considering that I had to leave early and probably would have gotten into more had I stayed longer. So as it turns out, I was wrong about the bee hive; it is still producing even as the nights are getting colder.

 Fall fishing is going great for me and even largemouth fishing is going great. Nonetheless what I still need to try to do is get into a salmon!  Maybe I will do that soon. Well anyway, that’s it for now. May this fall be as good to you as it is starting off for me!

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