Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Were Wrong!

Last Wednesday I worked a half day and decided, what better to do than to hit the fishing hole! I called up Russell and we went to the new pond out in Yuba city. I was VERY excited to try out my new fly rod as well. While picking up Russell, I found this at his house; a small children's Mickey Mouse fishing rod. However this is no ordinary kids rod. When I was a kid, this was the exact first rod that my dad bought me!! What a fantastic coincidence!!

Now let me just say this, when I left woodland, it was windy but not too bad. When I got to Yuba City it was way windier  and when we finally arrived a

t the pond, it was terrible! The wind must have been 20-30 miles an hour; simply ferocious. As windy as it was, we were already at the pond and we were going to fish whether or not we caught any.

We cast out, put bells on and drank some beer and didn’t hear any bites. After a bit I decided that it might be a better tactic to actually hold the rod in my hand. So I recast and held the rod and next thing I know I felt a bite, set my hook and reeled in what I thought would be the only fish of the day; a little hand size bluegill.
We cast out our rods and decided to take a walk and see if there were any areas that had some covering for the wind. Russell found an area that was fairly covered and sheltered so he decided to throw the worm and bobber in because he said it looked, “fishy.” Sure enough he pulled up a nice little half pound bass! 

We did end up finding another area that was a bit less windy so I decided to try out my fly rod. Bad mistake! Turns out fly fishing in the wind is not a good thing. Not only did it mess up my casting, and give me my first wind knot, but at one point as I was casting during a particularly strong gust I felt what I thought was a branch fly into me and hit me in the neck. It wasn’t a branch, it was my line and lure clinging to my neck. I thought for sure I was going to gush blood but as it turns out I didn’t even break skin, which is a great thing.
When we got back to the rods I checked my line and there was tension! I reeled in a little half pound bass! Now I am not sure if he had been on for a while but when he came in, I took a quick picture, released him and poor little guy still didn’t make it. I felt pretty bad. 

So at this point we thought this was as good as it would possibly get with all the wind.  Once again, we were wrong. After a bit Russell got into another pan fish. I also got into a nice little one pounder which put up a nice fight. Russell also got into a catfish which he loves and on my last cast I got into an ugly little sucker fish. Nice size but absolutely no fight! 

So on a windy day we ended up getting into three bass, three panfish, one sucker, one catfish. For being as windy as it was, eight fish isn’t bad at all. Looks like my fall is going way better than my summer.


  1. J
    Glad you guys were able to connect on some fish even in a wind storm. thanks for sharing

  2. Fly fishing on bad, windy days has fell more than one victim to windknots or pierced body parts. Sometimes you just have to let Mother Nature do her thing. Seems like a fruitful pond you found there!