Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Six Pictures That Add up to 31!

I have the privilege of being blessed with a day off on each and every one of my birthdays. I was born on Veteran's day so I must first off say thank you to all the veterans out there for your service to our amazing country, especially for any veterans who take the time to read this blog!

So this monday was my birthday but I celebrated for the entire weekend. Here are some pictures that speak about one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

1. I came to work on friday to find these on my desk! One of my Co workers and her husband gifted me this vest and Fly reel! Feels good to know people know you this well! I have to drop a few lbs to fit into the vest so I have some work to do before next small stream trout season. Maybe I will try it out later this month next year on dry creek! LOL

2. I had a dinner with one of my best friends and his wife on saturday after spending most of the day edging and mowing my lawn. My Godess of a wife made me a chocolate cake with Chocolate frosting. She knows what I like!!

3. Sunday morning bright and early we were off to the Niner Game! We got there early and got to see the players warming up and going to the locker room. Yes, we were this close to the man, the myth the legend: Patrick Willis!! 

4. We had great seats to a bad loss! How in the world are you going to lose 10-9 to Carolina? Something needs to be done with our offense but that’s another post all together. Either way I had a terrific time with my wife at the Niner Game!

5. We walked around San Francisco Sunday morning but finished the day at Texas Roadhouse! I love that restaurant! And since it was my birthday I had to ride the bull! I was just praying I wasn’t going to break that sucker!

6.Last but not least, a panoramic shot of Candlestick Park. I realize this will be my last time at Candlestick, probably ever. I’m going to miss that old park but on to bigger and better things!

Well that’s in for my 31st birthday! Not sure what’s next considering my fishing schedule usually slows down around this time. I will however try a bit longer for a salmon, sturgeon and steelhead!! Wish me luck on catching at least one of those before this year is over.


  1. Happy Birthday my friend. Don't put your fly rod away quite yet. What we're waiting for is rain, lots of rain, and then we can hit Amador with the fly rod.

  2. Happy belated birthday, J. Looks like you had a great day even if the 'Niners ended up losing a close one. That Pflueger reel that you were given is a classic. Many, many fish landed on that one. Once you really get into fly fishing, the winter is then often used for tying your own flies. Just sayin............................

  3. All I got was a gift card. Nice folks to give you a gift.

  4. I'm with Mel, that reel is a classic. It looks to be a vintage Pflueger Medalist... likely made in the USA. They don't make 'em like they used to. That's quite a score!