Friday, November 15, 2013

Wader Questions...

I am looking for some general direction when it comes to Waders. I know I want some stockingfoot waders and boots. I am just wondering if you guys have opinions on:

Good quality brands?
Best quality brands for the cheapest price?
Good place to buy waders?
Is there a specific time when waders go sale? (like an end of season sale or anything?)

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  1. I have owned two different pairs of waders: a Cabelas brand and my current Pair from Simms. The Simms Blackfoots I have run at about $150 and I am very happy with them. Seem well constructed and I haven't had a leak. The Cabelas brand pair I had before worked until I had the money to buy the Simms and lasted me two seasons but would leak slowly if I spent a long day in the water and just weren't up to the same quality. That being said you don't need anything fancy. As for sales, maybe if you can find last years model but otherwise trout fishing is pretty continuous year round though individual bodies of water may close so I haven't encountered any end of season sales.

    A few things to consider and research to help you make your decision:
    Neoprene vs. Breathable
    Both Cabelas and Bass Pro have their own brands that may be cheaper but a few others to consider are Simms, Frog Toggs, Reddington, and Wright and McGill.
    For Boots I would look for some that have interchangeable bottoms--you will be able to fish a greater variety of waters (many states are allowing only particular sole types) and have greater versatility.

    Hope that helps you get started man.