Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Rogue Outdoors!!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Bryan who blogs over at The Rogue Outdoors.  Great blog and a very cool guy. If you haven’t checked out his blog, please do!
Anyway, It all started with one of his blog posts where he was using a fly he called the “Golden Oriole.” Bryan created it to fish for pike but I can totally imagine this thing catching some largemouths. Unfortunately we don’t have Northern pikes in California. Well, except for that whole lake Davis thing but I heard they eradicated that species in that lake. 

Well anyway, I asked Atlas if I could buy one of these off of him and he refused! Instead he decided to GIVE me some of these flies. Like I said, he's a good guy! 

Well, when the package gets here
I find out that he not only sent me the Golden Oriole Flies, but four other kinds of flies that he made! All of these flies look extremely well tied and I’m sure they are going to catch me some nice looking fish in the future. 
As for Bryan I can’t thank you enough man! If you haven’t yet checked out The Rogue Outdoors blog, please do stop by and drop him a comment or two.

Well anyway as for me, I will be taking about a week break unless I happen to go fishing out in Washington State, which I doubt considering it is about 38 degrees over there. But I will be taking my fly rod with me just in case somebody even mentions the word fishing, I will be ready to go! I also asked for an extra day off next week so I will probably be chasing some trout out at Collins or Amador.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who reads the ol blog here. I hope you folks have a great time with your friends and family!! God Bless and you all will hear from me sometime next week.


  1. One of the very nicest things about fly fishermen is their willingness to help a fellow angler out. I've never had anyone give me a lure, they're too expensive to just give away. Have a great holiday J.

  2. J., Howard is pretty much spot on here with that comment. In addition, I have found fellow BlogBuddies to be the absolute, most nicest group of friends a person can have. Looks like you have been given some great patterns to fish for bass, trout, and other Panfish species. I agree with you that The Rogue Oudoors is an excellent blog and that his information is very valuable. Enjoy the Holiday with family. Fishing can wait!

  3. J
    Fantastic collection of flies, I am looking forward to a progress report on these come spring. Having blogging buddies online is an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing

  4. Crappie flies! I love it when you find someone that ties those patterns.

  5. Jay, thanks for the shout out. I greatly appreciate it man. Hope the flies work well for you and I look forward to more of your posts as always. Hope you do get a chance in the next week or two to hook into some big ones wether thats in California or Washington. Have a good holiday!

  6. Jaun,
    I just discovered your comment on my blog from last month, and I have responded to it there. Thanks for checking out my very dormant blog. I'll try to start posting some more. I'm following your blog now too. Feel free to bug me about anything bass fishing related.