Friday, November 1, 2013

Update: Milestones and Summer Fishing!

So I originally wrote a complete post on how my summer fishing was slow and I hadn’t caught but twelve fish all summer. It turns out that this was a mistake. I went back and counted all of the fish I caught and it turns out I caught a few more. My Summer 2013 Total was 32 fish which isn’t bad at all considering I didn’t go out to my usual spots and what not. 

With that said, I did have two milestones that I am pretty proud of this summer.

#1 – My first trout on my own fly rod. 
Catching my first trout on my own fly rod was fantastic! I felt like I broke a threshold from being a guy trying to fly fish or being taught to flyfish to being an actual fly-fisherman. I used my own rod, I chose my own fly, I tied my own knots and I caught a fish with all of that; I was pretty proud.

#2 – Caught my PB Crappie
I am fairly new to crappie. I have caught bluegill all of my life but I only recently (about a year or so) realized crappie existed, learned to say the name properly ;) and started catching them. I have caught a good number of small ones (all released), some good plate size ones, and one nice 11 inch crappie that put up a nice fight! This 11 incher is my personal best so far and I really look forward to catching some bigger ones  in the future.

Well anyway, That was my summer, my fall is going well and I have a trip with Russell for next week out to Collins. I will keep y’all posted!

Cheers, to some great fall Fishing!


  1. J
    Think about setting a goal for yourself next year, say landing a certain number of bluegills and bass. I always do the bluegill quest each year which kind of motivates me, as if I needed to be motivated to fish??? thanks for sharing

  2. J, you need to start tying your own flies. You're not a true lunatic until you do.

  3. I agree with both Howard and Bill on there comments. Challenge yourself. It makes the rewards that much more satisfying. Happy to be of help anyway I can.