Friday, November 1, 2013

Update: October Fishing

 October 19 – I took my wife out to get her hair done and go shopping (her equivalent of fishing) but that gave me a chance to check out some of the stocked fishing ponds in Sacramento. I know they are stocked with trout but the water was so warm that if they were in there they weren’t biting. As any other public park in an urban setting, the place was littered like crazy. 

I walked around and tried to ask people on the fishing peers what they caught and with what they were catching them. It turns out the bite was dead that afternoon but that morning they were catching catfish off of worms. This lead me to find a spot in the shade and tie on a san juan worm. 

Quick tangent: so I’m assembling my rod and I dropped the top part of my rod. It rolled on the fishing pier and dropped through one of the cracks and into the water!! I panicked, I thought I was going to have to take a swim (and I was willing!) I quickly ran over, jumped the fence; found a long stick to try to reach it before it floated away. Luckily it floated or else I may have written a very angry post! I was able to get
No luck on the worm but I could see the panfish picking stuff off of the top. I tied on a mosquito looking pattern and no takers either. Finally I switched spots and tied on a Royal Humpy #12. Nice looking little fly; red body, dark tail and two white tufts on top. I tossed it out and as soon as it hit the water, I got a strike! Wouldn’t you know it, just then I get a call from my wife; she’s ready to go! Naturally, I told her I was on my way and fished just a little bit more. I tossed in the humpy and this time it was bluegill on! Another one I decided to let him swim a bit when he was on so he got off.  Another one I caught was a bit camera shy and flopped right out of my hand while taking a picture. After catching one more I realized it was time to go. I ended up with three small gills. 

24 – I went out to the infamous secret lake with mark and even though I didn’t allow him to blindfold me, I still had no idea where we were. We walked out to a beautiful area that looked like very promising water to me.  We were armed with fly rods and regular rods with crickets and nightcrawlers. Mark promptly decided to show off and pull out the first brown of the day. This got me very excited with the possibility of catching my first brown. And so I fished… Fly Rod, nothing. Crickets, nothing. Nightcrawlers, nothing. Kastmasters, nothing. Mark caught a rainbow as well and I got a couple of bites but that was it for me.
We had a great lunch over at Cooks Station and then headed out to Cat Creek. This is the first placed I ever fly fished. That time I got into four trout. This time I got two strikes and that was it. We walked around for a while, fished some more holes but no success at all. Nonetheless the drive out in God’s country and hanging out with Mark made it a good day.
On another note, my buddy Russell gave me a call later that day telling me he was slaughtering rainbows over at Collins lake! hahaha

27 – I made my way out on the sac to the usual spot with Ol Pops (my dad). I hadn’t been there in ages. It was covered in weeds and many of our walk ways had eroded away. Nonetheless we made our way out and fished the day away. Ol Pops got into a couple of shakers, the biggest being 15” or so. As for me… Drum roll please… I got skunked again! It sucks but fall on the sac is awesome and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.
That’s it for now. I should be heading out to Collins next week so I will keep you guys posted on that. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Hang in there, you know the old saying, "someday your fish will come". For what it is worth, welcome to the world of fly fishing for Bluegill. They are always fun and catching them on top with a floating fly has made my day many times.