Friday, January 31, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

I didn’t end up fishing on Wednesday due to the rain. BUT, I am still a winner!

About a week ago I entered a contest to win a video called Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain Park: Preserving it's Future by Josh Rikard. This contest was held over at Windknots& Tangled lines, my buddy Howards blog. I know what you’re thinking, just about the coolest name for a fly fishing blog ever, very true! Anyway, I think many, if not most, of you already read Howards blog, but then again I have many folks coming here from the Kienes Forums, so thanks for stopping by and please visit Howards Blog sometime! 

Short story long I checked my blog roll two nights ago and noticed a new post about the giveaway. Since I was the first to post on it and that was a while ago (maybe not, I just forgot I even entered) I was surprised that the “random number generator had chosen the first post as the winner! So I am now the proud owner of this great sounding video and my lucky wife will get to watch it with me on our movie night (I’m sure she will LOVE that! haha). 

As soon as I get it I will watch it once or twice and then post a review on it.
As of this moment I have exactly 99 posts (this post included) and 9700 pageviews. My next post will be a milestone: Post #100 and hopefully I will be at 10,000 views soon! I decorated a little differently for the big moment so hopefully you all like it. I will talk to you all on the next post!!


  1. I saw the title and was almost in the truck coming down to have a chicken dinner with you. Way to go and pre-congratulations on a couple of milestones.

  2. Just breasts for me please. Oh, I thought you were ordering dinner. Well, maybe when you visit the Park.

  3. Juan, excited to see you win the video. Rocky Mountain National Park is a special place.. Perhaps a future Colorado vacation is in order. Alas, I will purchase a copy from Josh so I will be able to keep up with you and Howard!