Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Bee Hive Action... or Lack There Of!

The bee hive is a spot I found last summer when I noticed an old man fishing on a peak on the other side of the slough. My buddy Luis was with me when we decided to explore and found a spot with a lot of vegetation and even more bees! We had a carton of worms and high hopes for fish and we were not disappointed. In one trip I caught two catfish, one crappie and a striper. The variety was what really excited me but there was also a trend that began to develop from the first time I fished there. I caught at least two fish every time I fished there, in other words, I found my first real honey hole.

Fishing can be a really superstitious sport and I firmly believe in some of these when it comes to fishing. One such superstition is not guaranteeing that a person will catch fish. The first time I guaranteed that my buddy I would get him into his first fish, we both got skunked. And initially I thought it was due to colder temperatures but a week later we went back with lowered expectations and slayed them again! I wondered what the production would be like during winter? Well, Last Saturday I found out and it was exactly what I expected.  

In case you have been living under a rock the past couple of months, it feels like spring right now. I’m not really sure how cold the water temperature is but I figured since its warm outside, the fish might think its spring and get after some bait! I was wrong! The fish still seem to be in Winter mode. I had two bites the entire time and neither of them stuck. 

So I found out that the bee hive sucks during winter. I got skunked but at least I answered a question that would have bugged me for the remainder of winter had a not tried it out. 

Well, I will be fishing tomorrow but I am not sure where yet, definitely for some trout! Also, I only have two more posts and I will have made it to post #100!!

Total Fish : 0


  1. Can't catch them all the time. Although they do have to eat, even in the winter.

  2. Alas, some times the fish win in the game of fishing! We are fisher men and gals, not "catcher" men and gals.