Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sac River report

The striper have not yet arrived in Colusa county. At least that’s what the latest fishing trip showed us. Even though it’s spring, the stripers are slow to come up north. 

I was out a bit early from work yesterday so I made the trip out to Williams to fish with my dad and my buddy rigo. Unfortunately rigo cancelled last minute so we didn’t hit boss pond as I had originally intended. Sure enough ol’ Pops wanted to hit the Sacramento River for striper.  I didn’t have the rod or gear for river fishing but we went anyways as Ol’ Pops can be a very stubborn man. 

We were on the Sac by 3:30 and stayed until about 6:30. At one point I was getting a good amount of bites but it turned out to be a pike minnow. It beat the skunk and was the only fish of the day. Not a very eventful day but not skunked either! Haha  

I doubt I will be fishing anymore this week as I will be departing for Usal Beach,  Sinkyone Wilderness State Park in Mendocino County. We will be beach Camping for a few days in what has become a yearly trip for me and my Chico buddies . It is supposed to rain every day we are out there so I will let you guys know how it goes. It’s my buddy Mike’s Bachelor party so we’ll  be partying like it’s 1999! Yea I know that was 15 years ago but we're all getting older so we are gonna try to party like we did back in those days in Mike's Honor! haha

Total Fish : 1 Pikeminnow


  1. Party hard enough and you won't care if its raining or not. Have fun.

    1. I will have to test out that theory, mark! ;) thanks!

  2. I'd take a pike minnow. I still have to catch one.