Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter 2013/14 Fishing Totals

Winter was a decent time of fishing. This is surprising because it’s usually the worst season of catching for me. I started and finished strong this season and I worked toward accomplishing my fishing goals. If you recall, I set out to catch 50 trout and 70 panfish this season. I am already 7 trout and 22 panfish into my goals. I will accomplish these. Now that spring is here, I expect my numbers to increase quite a bit and I will also be working on my largemouth goal, my striper goal and my goal of catching a largemouth and a smallmouth on the fly. In addition when the small streams open up I plan on getting the bulk of my trout on the fly. I guess we shall see.

Even though it is raining now, the weather has played a great part in getting started on the panfish. I started strong with the trout but then backed off a little bit lately.

Here are my winter numbers:
7 trout

1 pikeminnow

4 catfish (including breaking my PB catfish, and then breaking it again.

22 Panfish


34 fish

So this was a pretty good winter for me and I look forward to spring. I am not by any means backing off of my original statement, “this year I will catch more fish than I have in any prior year!” Last year I caught 80 fish. This year I am already 30 fish in. This is my year to destroy all previous records and break the bank!


  1. Great job brother! Keep at it! Thirty is great and I have no doubt you will achieve your goals.

  2. I got three Bass... You win.

  3. You're way ahead of me. I've only caught 14 this year, but I have an excuse.

  4. I learned long ago that if I planned to keep count then I never caught anything. But, when I didn't worry about counting them, I always caught a bunch. All fishermen are liars.............................................

    1. Mel, you and I are so much alike it's scary.

  5. Juan
    Slow down with those panfish, I need to catch up!!! thanks for sharing