Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ellis Lake with Pops

Anybody know what kind of panfish this is?

My mom had an appointment in Yuba city so pops and I decided to make the quick trip up to Ellis Lake and see if we could get into any quick cats.

I usually have a specific spot I go to but I was told that the area across from where I fish hits pretty well so I gave it a try. We only had worms as bait but we were hoping for the best. 

Small Green Sunfish
I cast one line out with a slip sinker rig and the other  with a small bobber for panfish to use as live bait. It took me a while even though the panfish were all over but I finally got into two and we hooked them up.
 No action… AT ALL! No bites on worms, no takedowns on the panfish. We had to leave after an hour and a half but no day fishing with pops is ever a bad day. 

Total Fish = 2 Panfish


  1. Juan
    Some sort of perch, but as for a name I haven't a clue-----not a lot of help

    1. I used to consider them all bluegills, but I'm learning! lol

  2. Bait!! :)
    Fish's Name.................................

    1. haha i agree, that's what we used them for!

  3. Replies
    1. oh so it IS a bluegill, huh? nice. Thanks, Dave!