Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spring 2014 Totals

As of this moment, I am 107 fish into the year. This is without many Largemouth trips or trips to the bee hive. What can I say, spring was good to me! I can’t even compare this to last spring, I think I was barely into double digits. I feel like I’m learning a little more about fishing by putting everything I learned last year into practice this year. Yes this spring was panfish heavy but I like the various other categories I dipped into as well. I am specifically proud of my striper total which is starting to look like it once did.

 I really think it’s time to start focusing on more of my fishing goals; specifically my trout, largemouth and striper goals. Also, Salmon season is opening up soon and this year I WILL be getting into my first five kings, this is a promise! Anyway, These are my fish totals for Spring 2014.

Carp/ PM = 02 pikeminnows
Pan Fish = 29
Catfish = 02
LMB = 08
SMB = 04
Trout = 00
Striper = 15
*Steelhead= 00
*Salmon = 00
*Sturgeon = 00

Total: 60 Fish


  1. Great job man, especially on those Stripers, can't wait to see how you keep doing this summer.

    1. Thanks brotha! Trying to get into some big stripes but they are not complying! lol.

  2. Juan
    What a variety,keep the process going--thanks for sharing

    1. I'm trying my best. thanks Bill!