Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer 2014 Totals

Time to take an informal tone while I review the summer of 2014. So welcome to my post fishing buddies, pull up a chair, have a cold one or a hot coffee or whatever makes you happy and let’s rap a bit.

Summer is gone and I want to get this seasonal report out into the “blogosphere,” before I end up sitting on it for the next month and releasing it late. Summer is my favorite season for a reason: I am able to get more fishing done and get er’ done nearby. My spots within a 10 mile radius hit most during the summer. That means a short trip after work while the sun is still out at 5pm, can still be very productive. With fall comes an earlier sundown, colder temperatures and the fish in my area begin to shut down. This is why you often hear me talking about “heading to the hills.” The hills and their lakes are at least 45 minutes away so that means longer fishing trips that I can’t take after work.

Another reason that I love spring and summer is that my favorite fish are a’ feedin’! That will be apparent with my summer numbers which are exciting to me! So, without further adieu,  here is the breakdown:

Carp/ PM = 04
Pan Fish = 25
Catfish = 14
LMB = 41
SMB = 01
Trout = 07
Striper = 28
*Steelhead= 00
*Salmon = 00
*Sturgeon = 00
Total: 120 Fish

So let me give you some perspective as to why this excites me:
  •   Spring time brought me 60 fish and to me that was productive, but summer brought me 120 fish.
  •  This summer I caught 120 fish out of the 211 I have caught all year! 
  •   Last year I caught a TOTAL of 80 fish! One summer brought me more fish than the entire year of 2013! 

And aside from that here are some observations:
  • Only 25 panfish which is a decent number but I also didn’t just pad my numbers with easy catches.
  •  41 Largemouth Bass! I had some decent bass days.
  • 28 stripers after having so few last year! It felt good to get out there and catch some tuxedo bass again!  

So those are the numbers and that was my season! Now fall will bring trips out to Collins, hopefully some trips to fish with Mark and some trips to Putah creek to catch some fatty trout.

I will continue to search for some Bass this fall and go after some salmon. AND I will post some pictures of my first annual “End of the Summer fish Fry,” after we figure out a date. Well folks, thanks for swinging by and I look forward to sharing my fishing adventures with you this fall!



  1. I agree with your choice of fishing waters close too home. More fishing time is what we all need not more driving time. I enjoy fishing, driving is something I have to do to get from one point to another these days. Anyway, certainly the data shows that you are experienced with a lot of different species in your part of California. Happy hook ups this Fall!

    1. I'm getting there, Mel! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Juan
    Congrats on a great season and I have a feeling next season will be even better for you -----thanks for sharing

  3. Hold the phone here, we're not done yet. Fall and winter fishing has just begun.

    1. Haha I'm not done either! We need to fish soon. I think I might have a day coming up soon, I'll e-mail you.