Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ivy's First Bass!

You have the days when you are super focused on slaying fish and others when I am more focused on the fishing experience as a whole. And while there were still plenty of fish to be had, the fishing definitely seems to be slowing down.

We arrived at the Pits at around 430 pm. The fishing crew consisted of me, Russell and his girlfriend Ivy. Charles decided he would join us after work. Our main objective was to get Ivy into some Largemouth bass because :
#1 she had never caught a bass in her life
#2 she had never caught a fish on a lure before. 

Fortunately we had a spot loaded with fish and I knew how to catch them. Now Russell is a lifelong fisherman. That means nobody is going to tell him how to catch fish and he was going to be the one to show Ivy how to catch fish. Even though we mostly wanted Ivy to catch fish, we had to throw a few casts before she had a line in the water, after all, we are fisherman! Russell drew first blood with a small one on a swim bait. 

A bit later I got into a nice bass on…drumroll please… a Kastmaster! That seems to be the lure that works for me there and after losing my green and chrome one last week I searched all over town for a green and chrome KM but couldn’t find one anywhere. Instead I bought a blue and chrome and a solid chrome. The color that worked on my fish was a solid chrome Kastmaster. 

After catching my first fish I grabbed a beer and relaxed a bit and instead gave my chrome kastmaster to Ivy and told her to cast with it. She wasn’t having any success with the swim bait that Russell had given her so I hoped this would change her chances. Sure enough after a few casts she says, “I think I might have a fish.” Russell told her to reel it in and within a few moments she killed two birds with one stone; she caught a largemouth bass and she did it on a lure. A bit later she caught another one and then Russell took that pole and started casting it himself and got into one of the nicer bass of the day. 

A bit later Charles arrived with his friend James and they tried to get into some fish as well. Charles ended up catching about 4 fish and James got skunked. We wrapped up and walked to the cars where we cracked open a couple of beers and enjoyed the cool breeze. In all we had about a 25 fish day, which isn’t bad at all. Also I drank some beers, got Ivy into some fish and caught some fish myself so scratch the “not bad” thing, it was a fantastic day! 

As cold weather creeps closer I’m trying to get out bass fishing as much as possible. So far that has been once a week. I’m hoping this Friday will be another day on the water but I will have to wait on Charles and see if he is down. 

Total Fish: 8 Largemouth bass


  1. Well, congrats on getting into the Bass with the Chrome Kastmaster. That lure and color have been doing well for me this Fall also. However, not much size to the Bass I have been landing. Anyway, great to read that Ivy caught a Bass on a lure, too. Hopefully, she becomes a frequent fisher. Thanks, Juan, for sharing your trip.

    1. The Chrome Kastmaster is a good lure. The chrome and green is better. The biggest I caught off of it was a 3 lb so far. but the one that Russell is pictured with was caught on that chrome KM too.

  2. Sounds like a great outing with friends. Nothing beats that!