Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's Go to Work...

1st blood

It had been a while since I had fished with Russell so we decided to get together and fish for some bass. Only problem is that I already had plans to fish with Charles so I had to combine friends… always dangerous! I have friends I can easily mix and others I can’t. Charles is easy going but Russell is a little more particular with strangers so I worried. 

nice one
I introduced the two of them and we walked to the pits. Russell was a bit quieter so I feared the worst. We had a good amount of minnows and we started the day with them, just to make sure we wouldn’t get skunked. A minnow under a bobber for each of us killed the skunk and got the day started. After that we went to work. 

last one of the day
This pond is different than most. Bigger lures that you use in other places won’t necessarily work here. Crankbaits, spinner baits, topwater poppers are for the most part ignored. Charles has been here a couple more times than I have so he has already figured out that some smaller swimbait minnows work here. I tried a little of the above mentioned and then I finally went for the green and chrome kastmaster and that’s when the bite turned on. 

Charles' largest
Meanwhile Charles got into the biggest fish of the day and this is what caught Russell’s attention. It brought him over to Charles to start asking questions about what he used and telling stories about bass. I was glad they began to get along. 

I cast out my KM pretty deep and I felt a hard tug. I had it on my crappie rod with 6 lb test which is the same one with which I lost “The great white buffaloes” so I was worried. In fact, later on even Charles would tell me he was hoping for me to land this one because he saw me lose the last couple and it was bad! This fish was a fighter but didn’t feel nearly as large as the GWB. Nonetheless I slid down the hill, continued to reel and within a few moments I brought in a nice 3 lber. 

pot belly on this one
3 lber put up a great fight
All of us continued to catch bass and take pictures. One thing that irked me was that at one point I was going for a long cast and my line snapped, launching my lucky green and chrome Kastmaster into the middle of the pond.  We finished up with a rather nice fall day with at least 35+ bass between the three of us.

 Total: 13 Largemouth Bass


  1. Those Kastmaster's have rung up a few Bass for me this late summer season in Colorado. No three pounders for me yet, though. Keep up the good work!