Friday, October 31, 2014

What a Difference a Weekend Makes!

I have two trips to talk about and the first one was a week ago. This was before the rains came and it got a bit colder down here in the valley.

Last Friday I set up a trip with Charles and when I got to his house he suddenly realized he “had something to do and would have to meet me out there.” Guess what happened? He didn’t show. I won’t be fishing with him much anymore. 

When I got out to the pond, I put on a Kastmaster and went to work. Nothing out of the ordinary, I had a quick 15 fish day. More or less about a fish every 3 casts. As usual I was hoping for something big but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Most of the fish were smaller but I did get a couple of 1 lbers and one of them was nice and chunky. 

Total Fish: 15 Largemouth Bass

Enter a weekend with a little rain and cold temperatures. By Monday it was warmer again but there was in fact a cold chill in the air. I got together with Jeremy, the guy I met out at the pond when I went fishing with my dad. I was armed with my ugly stick but also decided to bring along Bone Crusher (my 8 wt.) and throw some of the cool flies That I bought from Justin over at Carf Outdoors. I will post about these flies later on in a different post. 

So we started and I quickly noticed a change. Normally it would only take me a few casts and I would have a fish on but it took a while. After a while I drew first blood and then I switched over to bone crusher and tied on a big baitfish pattern. I tossed them out but no strikes. After a while I tied on a black Wooley bugger and got into my first bass on the fly at the pits! 

It was getting darker but a little later I got into my second bass on the fly  and this was the biggest bass I have caught on the fly so far. I bought bonecrusher for larger bass so an 8 wt was a bit overkill for these smaller bass but it was still cool. My buddy Jeremy was pretty impressed with the fact I was a fly fisher but even more impressed with the fact I caught fish on the fly. I told him, “It’s what I do!”

 Even though I managed to catch fish on the fly, we could both tell it was slowing down quite a bit. What used to be a non-stop fish catching party became a slower fishing day but that was okay. We hung out and drank some beers and had a great time fishing. 

Total fish: 7 Largemouth bass


  1. Hey, Juan, congratulations on your first Bass on a fly rod. Plain and simple, it is a lot of fun. Wooly Buggers will catch just about everything at one time or another. Even good to hear that you folks got a little rain........................

  2. Interested to see the flies you got from Justin.

  3. You're on fire, man! I'm glad you were able to use my flies, it's just a shame they didn't produce this outing. Next time!!! I always tie on a black woolly bugger to save me from a skunk. I don't think that there is a fly that has produced more, and I can assure you that any fly fisher/fly tier can attest to that.