Friday, January 2, 2015

My First Time at Amador

I just realized that the fishing trip I am about to cover was on the second day of winter… I originally thought it was still fall. Oh how time passes. Looks like I owe you all a Fall wrap-up post!
Last Monday I took a quick trip up into the hills to try Lake Amador for the first time. I met Mark from Northern California trout in Martel, got some coffee and hit the lake. I have he
ard many stories about huge trout in Amador so I had some pretty lofty expectations for the lake.

The lake had a nice layer of fog around with fairly low visibility When we first arrived. A few minutes after we arrived, Yuki showed up and we started our fishing adventure. I put out one rod with a nightcrawler and the other 

Yuki started things off just a while after he arrived. I don’t care what mark says, that guy is okay! AND he isn’t as cursed as Mark says either because he drew first blood and beat the skunk.  After that all was quiet until the trout plant came! 

A truckload of trout was planted in the lake and I must say it was one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had.  The fish were breaking the surface every 10-20 seconds and on occasion even swimming right up to the bank!  One of the coolest things I have ever seen. Unfortunately even though we could see fish, they refused to bite our lines.

A while Mark got into his first and the last of the afternoon. It was a nice 2 lb football shaped rainbow that I was able to net up for him. That was pretty much it for the action on that trip. 

Unfortunately I was skunked but I would have two more attempts at getting over 300 fish in 2014! 

Total fish: 0 

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