Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Tradition

high and muddy water

I am not a Christmas guy. I am not a Christmas music/spirit/presents person. I’m more of a thanksgiving type of guy.  My wife LOVES Christmas and she loves decorating the house as what she calls a “Christmas village.” I didn’t want decorations, she wanted decorations so we compromised and had decorations! The things we do for the women we love.

Anyway, one Christmas tradition that I love is Christmas fishing with Ol Pops. For the past few years we have been hitting the fishing hole after Christmas Breakfast and this year was no different. However, there was one difference. Nor Cal had some rain around that time so our rivers and sloughs are VERY high and flowing quickly. 

Deer is to the left of the gate
We hit Lisbon slough for a few quick hours of fishing. We brought chicken livers and nightcrawlers hoping for some big cats. I was hoping to hit a specific spot I have on Lisbon but that spot was flooded so we just hit a new spot. 

Just a great view
I tossed two lines in and my dad tossed in one. We waited and waited but no bites. Meanwhile it was a cold but beautiful day in Woodland. In fact there were three does that decided to make an appearace on the other side of the slough. We watched them as they ate grass and hung out and even though we weren’t getting bites, it was cool to see these woodland creatures hanging out.

We ended the day with no fish but it was a great time out with my dad enjoying our fantastic tradition! 

Total fish: 0


  1. You're a good husband Juan. When the wife is happy, your life is good.

  2. I give you credit for even getting out. Of course it's not 17 degrees out either.

  3. Christimas spirit or not, Juan, I approve of you maintaining your Christmas tradition by getting "Pops" out on the water. Humbug with the fact that there were no fish biting!