Monday, January 5, 2015

Time for a Hail Mary!

I planned to release 3 blog posts the other day and didn’t even realize that I only posted two! Lol here is the third.  
The ultimate panoramic shot: a 360!
First Spot
With a little under 300 fish, I hoped to reach that number with a few trout out at Collins Lake this past Monday. I got together with Jeremy and made the hour and 20 minute drive up the hill into the Browns valley area. The lake was a little higher than it was last year around  this time but not by much.

Good to the last drop
It was after 12 by the time we had lines in the water. We had some lunch and a couple of Sierra Nevada Celebration ales. Both of us are fairly outgoing so we talked to the people next to us for a bit. They said that nobody had gotten a bite all morning. Not a good sign but I stayed positive.  

Rock stack
The lake was calm and there were very few boats out. We talked to the people next to us about the Niners, Raiders and Jim Harbaugh.  We sat, we waited, we remained positive. After an hour and a half of no bites, we moved down a bit, past our fellow fisherman to an area that seemed deeper. We continued to drink and hang out. Jeremy completed a pretty impressive rock stack. 

Second Spot
We sat and discussed “the pits,” and what it might be like to fish them during this time of the year. We speculated that spring was going to be great there as we hoped for bites. Unfortunately there were not even bites to be had that day. 

Unfortunately I was unable to reach 300 fish this year, but the trip, as every other fishing trip, is never in vain. As we packed up our stuff, we both remembered the good old saying, “a bad day fishing is better than a great day working.”  And it sure was true. I had a great time with my buddy, ate some food, drank some beer and had lines in the water. I gotta say it was a good day!

Last "Selfie" of the year
That wraps up 2014 for me. I still have a fall wrap up,  and then a review for my 2014 goals and I can move on to 2015.

Total Fish: 0 

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  1. Juan
    Quick accomplishment, goals are always fun to set for a fishing season, looking forward to some great fishing reports for 2015---glad to back with you guys

  2. If we caught fish every time, we'd never need the word Skunk.

  3. That is a rather impressive rock stack. Ha I wish I was still able to get out and fish. Everything is pretty much frozen at the moment.

  4. Juan, one thing I do know....................
    You will never catch a fish if you don't go fishing!

    I applaud your efforts to get out and challenge your fishing goals.