Monday, January 12, 2015

Fall 2014 Totals

Ok so here is the wrap up for Fall 2014. 

There is so much and so little to be said about this season. First, it went way better than I thought it would have. Of course it slowed down the colder it got and as soon as the rain came I went into my cave to hibernate. 

Here are the numbers:
Carp/ PM = 00
Pan Fish = 00
Catfish = 00
LMB = 83
SMB = 00
Trout = 00
Striper = 00
*Steelhead= 00
*Salmon = 00
*Sturgeon = 00
Hahahaha! Apparently I only caught Largemouth bass this fall, which is cool but I also didn’t realize that I was fishing for bass so much. I did go out a few times for Salmon but got skunked.

Like I said, not a whole lot to say about it, it was a hell of a season!

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  1. I love bass fishing :) That's a good fall, homie! Keep up the hard work and you'll find more species.