Monday, March 23, 2015

Fly fishing Grand Children!

As winter winds down, one thing we noticed at Davis pond was more slime on the water. Even though it was only a week earlier that I had simply slayed the bluegills, that week made a huge difference.
These his trip took place last Monday.  

Jeremy brought both his spinning rod and fly rod and I, of course, only brought along Excalibur. When I arrived Jeremy had just caught his first bass. He was eager to fish with his fly rod so I quickly hooked him up with a light cahill. I had stopped by big 5 earlier that day and purchased some more light cahills so I didn’t think anything of it. Then it happened… I realized that I forgot the 2 packs of cahills I bought earlier that day! And unfortunately I only had the one cahill that I tied on for Jeremy. No worries though, I figured I would just look for something similar. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything that looked like a cahill so instead I went with a green popper with black spots that looked like a frog. 

On my first few pops I got my first strikes so it was very promising. On about my tenth pop, A bass came up and devoured my popper and the fight was on. It was a nice little 2 lb bass which I was able to reel in but broke my tippet when I got it to shore.  It fell on the ground and when I went to pick it up it flopped back into the water with my only green popper in its mouth. Since I didn’t get it to hand, I don’t count it as on official catch. I did manage to catch a smaller bass on a yellow popper but that popper didn’t get nearly as much attention as the green one did. 

Jeremy, fished with the cahill and brought many panfish to hand and at one point taught his buddies Jeff and Roger  how to pick panfish out of the pond with the fly rod. So even though his instructions on fly casting were poor, they were able to catch their first fish on the fly rod. And wouldn’t you know it, they loved it so much, they were both fighting over the fly rod! I ended up adding to  Jeremys instructions in order to show Roger how to catch panfish better. While doing that, I caught a couple more panfish but didn't get any pictures of them. He caught a couple more after that as well. 

I was just happy because my protégé was teaching others about fly fishing… fly fishing grand children! Lol 

Total fish:  1 Largemouth bass + 2 Panfish = 3 fish

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  1. Juan
    Looks like that bass really inhaled that popper. thanks for sharing