Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Slaying the Gills!

I am pretty much caught up with my backed up fishing trips. The trip I will be discussing took place on March 11th

Jeremy and I decided to give Davis pond a try last wedenesday. As usual I loaded up Excalibur, a box of flies and took the drive out to Davis. I arrived around 4pm, tied on a light cahill which is what I had luck on the week before. 

Sure enough, I hammered those blue gills right away. Some were tiny, others were a nice hand size. Every other cast was a bite or a fish.  Now I am from the camp that calls all panfish blue gills but I think there are only bluegills and perch in that pond and I caught both of them. 
A little later, my fly protégé Jeremy came around and I taught him exactly how to catch the bluegills. After a few casts, Jeremy caught his first bluegill on the fly rod! And after that a second and a third. He was ecstatic and I couldn’t be more proud!

I continued to fish and ended the day with 14 panfish. What a great day of fishing at this new fishing hole. 

Total fish: 14 Bluegills


  1. There are so many varieties of panfish. The family of perch are different but I believe people consider them as panfish as well.
    Those green sunfish with the blue veins and yellow bellies are some of the prettiest fish I've seen. Those are my favorite.

  2. Juan
    Giving some love to the bluegill and you did it in style, 14 wow, keep slaying them!!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Love fishing for bluegills and sunfish...any panfish for that matter. Looks like you're doin' it right out in Cali. Good to hear you got your friend hooked up on the fly, as well. It's all about spreading the love and joy of the sport! High Five, man!