Thursday, March 12, 2015

Impromptu Delta Trip

This fishing trip was on February 16th. It began with what was supposed to be a quick trip to the pits and turned into a day of fishing at the Delta.

After gassing up and buying beer, we were off to Prospect Slough in the California Delta. Even though I live in Northern California, I don’t frequent the Delta. Perhaps I should do so more often, maybe I will this year.
I must admit, this was one of those special trips where I did not plan on bringing my fly rod, only a spinning rod. We hit Prospect Slough at about 2pm. My buddy had caught a nice striper out there a day earlier so we figured we would give it a try. This specific spot is a canal with a strip of land that seems to splint the canal in two and one side has a pump on it. We call this spot, “The Rocks,” due to the rock piles on both sides. The side with the pump has a current and the other doesn’t.

We found an older gentleman on the pump side who told us he had been fishing since earlier that day and hadn’t even had bites. Not a good sign but we decided to give it a try anyway. Especially since he told us he watched a guy pull out a 10 lb striper out of there the day before. A story is enough to keep me fishing for the day!
Pump side

down stream looking toward pumps

further downstream
I started on one side (pump side) and tossed everything from a rattle Trap, Swim Baits, jigs, spinner baits, poppers, etc. Nothing, not even a bite. My Buddy Charles ended up getting a couple of bumps on some lures he was fishing but no solid take downs.
non-pump side
Another winner from Sierra Nevada

We both switched to the other side (non Pump side) and went to work. There were some fish jumping on the other side but also no takers. We met some other guys who showed us a couple of cats they had caught but they said that was earlier in the day. Once again, we got skunked but we got to fish and enjoy the beautiful winter day and drink some cold beer. No complaints here.

Total Fish: 0


  1. That's a lot better than my last few outings with snow on the ground and temps in the 20s. Haha I'll take a skunk where you're at, and a cold beer! You'll get 'em next time buddy!

  2. I would drink a cold one these days even if I smelled like a skunk until the next trip!

  3. Gotta strip flies haha. Damn these days have been nice though.